Not Your Mama’s Fiction

We live in a world of confusing messages about what it means to be a woman. Are we supposed to be diamonds, daisies, or snowflakes? Tinsel on a tree? Chasing rainbows?

Then there’s the question, “Who can turn the world on with her smile?” Women in the workplace, beholden to benevolent counterparts for their willingness to allow us onto an equal playing field, just without equal pay, are not a thing of the past. This remains an unfortunate truth.

Now our daughters and sons are out there on their own. The days of ramen noodles and cold pizza are behind us, and yet, we still feel it, that uncertainty that makes us ask what the hell is going on here? This week I experienced one of those moments when I watched a young professional deliver one of the worst presentations I’ve ever had the misfortune to endure. Five minutes into the talk it hit me, I could do a better job than this guy. I felt sick. Why? Because I inquired about the job a year ago and wasn’t even considered.

Throughout my life, it has been necessary for me to be highly flexible and adaptive to change for the benefit of my family. I’ve done double duty and made the best of bad situations. I’m not ungrateful. I just feel cheated. I am not that girl. I’m that other one.

Copyright Dale Rogerson

Women’s Work

Every guy she had encountered eventually became someone she wished she’d never met. Long days, proving herself on the job, enduring endless mansplaining and indecent proposals bled into even longer nights. Instead of waiting by the phone, she studied. A choice she knew would pay off one day. A thousand broken promises had left her with only one to keep, one she made to herself. Then he came along and everything changed. The guy who made her life worth living and gave her a reason to work harder. The one she would love forever. The one who called her Mom.


If you’ve made it to the end of this post, congratulations! I realize my mixing fiction with reality is difficult for some readers. I make no apologies. If you want to read something better, check out the Friday Fictioneers. Thanks, Dale, for another inspiring photo. As always, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields brings it to life with her own take on this week’s prompt.

One more thing. Elinor Burkett’s article, “What Makes A Woman?” in the New York Times is brilliant, articulate, and every single thing I think about the difficulties of presenting a united front for gender equality. Thanks for reading.

Little Sister’s Memoir

Courtesy of Ted Strutz
Courtesy of Ted Strutz

I didn’t begrudge them their laughter. We each deserve all the joy this life has to offer. I didn’t resent his hand on the small of her back as we approached the gate. The day was glorious; an embrace was appropriate. But when he kissed her, my heart exploded. Blood spurted then curdled. Breath arrested mid inhale. I was suffocating. Suddenly, my thoughts spun out of control. How could this happen? Evelyn had never shown any interest in boys. She liked her books. It was me who liked games. What about me! What about me!


“What about me!” I blurted.


Oh, did I say that out loud?

This week’s Friday Fictioneer photo prompt, courtesy of Ted Strutz, reminds me of all the times I had to take a sibling with me to the ballgame, to the carnival, to the movies. To all the big sisters (and brothers) out there, this one’s for you. They look up to us. They long for our approval. What they get is our hand-me-downs. So, if you have a little sister (or brother) give ’em a call and tell them how much you love them. Thanks for reading.


Digital Download

Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman
Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman

The melancholy view from the dock matched Jerry’s mood. He stared at his cell phone, wishing the clouds would engulf him. How could he have been such a fool? Regret crowded his thoughts. I really liked her. A lot of people like a lot of things. Not all of them are good. “Damn it!” He shouted to no one.

His texts had gone unanswered. It was time to forget her. Jerry flung the phone as far as it would go.

“Goodbye Sweetheart!”

Mid-air her ring tone began to play. ♫ ♫ Head underwater and ♫ ♫ Clunk.


Goodbye Jerry.


I’m halfway through another semester with a boatload of work still ahead, but I could not resist this week’s FF prompt. Thanks to The Reclining Gentleman and thanks to Rochelle the Extraordinaire, who is celebrating her two year anniversary of hosting Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been off the FF grid lately. In my defense, I scored 100 on my Leadership Theory for Volunteer Managers mid-term. See ya when I see ya. Thanks for reading.

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Guest Post: I Married A Beauty Queen – But I Got So Much More

Loyal Follower
Loyal Follower

Hi!  I’m Jon – a.k.a. Honie’s Loyal Follower.  I must admit that I was a little scared to be a guest poster on  Even though I am her Loyal Follower and she even gave me a page on her site, I am nowhere close to being as creative as my Honie, but she said she’d let me do a guest post. So, here’s my best attempt for her Birthday!

My Honie, as disclosed in a previous post, is a competition tested winner of a beauty pageant. This didn’t surprise me when I first met her. I’ve always seen her beauty and the fire in her eyes! Being the Loyal Follower that I am, I must tell you that my Honie is loved by me. She followed me even before there was tweeting, linking in, WordPressers, face bookers, bloggers, and tracking of followers. It was after smoke signals but before that guy “invented the internet”. She followed me from IL, AL, NC, AL again, CO, and now to TX. Each time I came home and told her that a person called me about a job she always said, “You should go for it.”


Honie is creative. She has always found a way to make something out of what initially looked like nothing. She is the most loyal and compassionate person I know. She makes me feel good about myself. She believes in and supports me. She’s always there for me whispering, “We will work it out and it will be ok.” Over the years I have watched her age, every year increasing in her beauty and grace. So, today I share with you some of the reasons why I follow her and wish my Honie a HUGE Happy Birthday. Yes, I’m very lucky to have married a beauty queen – but I got so much more!

Out on the town

Honie is loving, loyal, beautiful, sassy, funny, smart, charitable, kind, brave, a master chef, a master gardener, a mess cleaner upper, volunteer, a jet engine mechanic, patriotic, a dancer, author, overnight quality painter and sheet rock repair specialist, fighter, philanthropist, negotiator, fast driver, tough & tender, a mom – daughter & sister, a dream maker, inspirational, creative, a 100% fine southern woman, fierce, a master of naps, cute, wall mover, professional packer & mover, thoughtful, supportive, warm, gentle, an advocate for increasing respect for women, a good shot, spirited, a Roll-Tide Alabama fan, biker, camper, short order cook, not quiet or meek, and thankfully, my best friend.

Come back and visit this site, follow her blog, and buy her book – you won’t be disappointed.  P.S.  She loves your comments! I now return to My Loyal Follower page to do follower things and continue to admire HonieBriggs.

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Queen of the Amalfi Coast


Match Made On Eleven

copyright - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Sarah wasn’t a morning person.  She often overslept and had to dash straight into the elevator with her hair still wet.

“Surely for this,” she said, “He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not.”

It was something silly she learned as a girl, but she whispered and wished as she passed each floor, always arriving in the lobby on “He loves me not.”

One morning, Sarah accidentally pressed “up.” All the way down, she recited the incantation. The door opened.

“He loves me,” she sighed, and there stood the man of her dreams.

Or so she thought.


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