Pick A Thought – Any Thought: The Magical Anatomy Of The Blog

I reach for a cup; there are none in the cupboard. I turn to get one from the dishwasher, but pick up a spoon to stir the oatmeal instead. This is the kind of randomness that could make its way into any blog post, often does, about absent-minded behaviors of creative types who have too much on their mind. Any day of the week people post their ramblings, musings, fleeting glimpses into the inner workings of the human experience, the battles we have with ourselves. What makes it work is the anatomy. When we examine blogs, we find our hearts and our funny bones are connected. We read a post that says exactly what we would have written if we had thought of it or discover a post that is almost the same as something we wrote only a day/week/month earlier, and suddenly we see ourselves through someone else’s eyes. 

Sure some blogs have snazzy custom themes or have been upgraded out the wazoo.

Some are galleries of amazing photos of places we want to visit. Some are hilarious, provoke our thoughts or our taste buds. All of them make up a body of something kinda magical. Blogs tell a story, put the pieces of the puzzle together and give expression to feelings we all have in common, joy, sorrow, fear, passion. We see in the different types of blogs how much we are alike, however random the post.

This post for instance, in the beginning could have taken any number of directions. It could’ve just as easily been about the anatomy of a frog. Frogs are beneficial for research. 

Plus frogs are feisty and fun.

My thought process is random at times, but I somehow manage to bring it together into what, at least I think, is a cohesive message. The occasional stray dog might find its way into my writing. 

Dogs are beneficial to people with certain physical limitations and are loyal companions.

Knowing that I could get distracted by the anatomy of other things that rhyme with blog, I prepared in advance to only allow relevant and essential information to filter its way into my writing today. This is not always the case, but today I am focused, driven to make certain to appear smarter than a log.

There are many blogs that are enjoyable, informative and entertaining. So, I will end this post with a song. After all, I don’t want to hog all of your time. Joy to you & me.