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Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman
Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman

The melancholy view from the dock matched Jerry’s mood. He stared at his cell phone, wishing the clouds would engulf him. How could he have been such a fool? Regret crowded his thoughts. I really liked her. A lot of people like a lot of things. Not all of them are good. “Damn it!” He shouted to no one.

His texts had gone unanswered. It was time to forget her. Jerry flung the phone as far as it would go.

“Goodbye Sweetheart!”

Mid-air her ring tone began to play. ♫ ♫ Head underwater and ♫ ♫ Clunk.


Goodbye Jerry.


I’m halfway through another semester with a boatload of work still ahead, but I could not resist this week’s FF prompt. Thanks to The Reclining Gentleman and thanks to Rochelle the Extraordinaire, who is celebrating her two year anniversary of hosting Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been off the FF grid lately. In my defense, I scored 100 on my Leadership Theory for Volunteer Managers mid-term. See ya when I see ya. Thanks for reading.

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Simple Gifts


A cherished friend was born on this day. She had no agenda, no pretense. Her heart was open to those who needed a friend. In her memory, simple gifts.


Friendship Flowers Smiles Sight Sunrise Music Laughter Rain Hope Hugs Poetry Peace



Time swift

Hearts shift

Hands lift

Minds drift



I am here
You are there
Do gracious spirits fill the air
Sunrise surprise
Softly offers love’s reply
Pure light so bright
My heart takes flight
Anticipating your embrace
Until then






Honie’s Log – Star Date 33013.89

The conclusion of Beyond Belief is causing a disruption among my staff. (the voices in my head) It seems the mandatory overtime has driven them to distraction and the more undisciplined ones have begun suggesting random ideas for future writing projects.

Blood & Guts On Baltic Avenue
The story of family game night gone terribly wrong.
 Desperately Seeking Sunglasses
…and other shit I can’t find
Contemplating Quantum Physics: A Ridiculous Stall Tactic

To complicate matters, the extended daylight due to the beginning of daylight savings time has made outside activities harder to resist. Of course, the argument could be made that I am simply using that as an excuse. I must fortify my defenses against further interruption and complete my mission. Oh, but first… Happy Springtime!1-DSC_0332