The B-Roll


It’s about to happen. The first brood of bluebirds nesting in my garden will fledge any day now. Unlike April the Giraffe, this mama’s accomplishment probably won’t go viral.

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Bird watcher watching the bird watcher


Don’t make me come in there!

No matter, it has been my pleasure to hear chirps of delight with each delivery of some tender morsel that managed to escape, one of what is sure to be countless, pesticide applications in our community this year. Homeowners and city officials alike seem to have little regard for the damage being done to beneficial insect populations in the name of vigilance against West Nile.

Chemical dependent f King species

Just like abstinence only education, constant spraying does not prevent mosquito hook ups from happening whenever the mood strikes. I digress.

Be sure to get my good side.

Birds, bees, and blooms are putting on quite a show for us. We even had a surprise visit by a bobcat on Easter Sunday. Similar to the war on mosquitos, over-development has all but eliminated the wildlife habitat in North Texas. There I go again.




Still, spring is a magical time filled with bullfrog serenades in the evenings and butterflies beginning to find their way back to the Texas natives seeded on the Wild West side of the garden, which I was surprised to learn almost got me fined by our HOA.

Oh, the perils of civilization!


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Thanksgiving Is For The Birds

Once the messenger of choice for royals and riffraff alike, only to lose that title to the Pony Express, today’s pigeons are still thankful. First the transatlantic telegraph cable and now the internet made their skills obsolete, but on this day each year in the United States of America the much maligned for their messy potty habits, shunned fowl of the freeway underpass are thankful. Thankful I say! Thankful that city dwellers drop bagels as they rush passed them on the busy street, thankful that tourists throw breadcrumbs they buy from an old lady in the park, thankful for street venders who toss stale pretzels near the dumpster in the alley. Oh, and thankful, oh so very thankful that they are not turkeys.

If a lowly pigeon can be thankful for these small gifts, there is no excuse for me not to be thankful every single day of my life. Thankful for my breath, my sight, my strength. Thankful for those who love me when I’m not being particularly lovable. Thankful for those who’ve hurt me and made me aware of just how much pain I can tolerate. Thankful for those who’ve helped me and taught me how to be gracious. Thankful for the gift of laughter, the delight and wild abandon of dancing in the sunlight and singing in the rain.

Thankful I have a soul and for the knowledge of its value. Thankful for the regard of a stranger who becomes a friend on a bus. Thankful for the freedom to choose to praise whatever I deem worthy and despise the hour it is ripped away. Thankful for the love I share, the love I receive, the love I hope to know in the future. Thankful for peace in my home, on my street, in my country today. Thankful I do not need. Thankful I do not want. Thankful every time I wake up and can still be thankful for these things.

Gobble Gobble everybody, tomorrow you shop! Thankful, so very thankful, I will not be in a retail, department, discount or on-line store on Black Friday.

Oh, and I’m thankful that I am not a turkey!

Bird Is The Word!!!!

Every day is Mother’s Day
Why did the Thai chicken cross the road?
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!