The B-Roll


It’s about to happen. The first brood of bluebirds nesting in my garden will fledge any day now. Unlike April the Giraffe, this mama’s accomplishment probably won’t go viral.

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Bird watcher watching the bird watcher


Don’t make me come in there!

No matter, it has been my pleasure to hear chirps of delight with each delivery of some tender morsel that managed to escape, one of what is sure to be countless, pesticide applications in our community this year. Homeowners and city officials alike seem to have little regard for the damage being done to beneficial insect populations in the name of vigilance against West Nile.

Chemical dependent f King species

Just like abstinence only education, constant spraying does not prevent mosquito hook ups from happening whenever the mood strikes. I digress.

Be sure to get my good side.

Birds, bees, and blooms are putting on quite a show for us. We even had a surprise visit by a bobcat on Easter Sunday. Similar to the war on mosquitos, over-development has all but eliminated the wildlife habitat in North Texas. There I go again.




Still, spring is a magical time filled with bullfrog serenades in the evenings and butterflies beginning to find their way back to the Texas natives seeded on the Wild West side of the garden, which I was surprised to learn almost got me fined by our HOA.

Oh, the perils of civilization!


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Yeah, It’s Got A Hemi

Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast
Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

She took him completely by surprise. She knew things most girls had no knowledge of, much less talked about with such passion. He hung on her every word as she told how she’d watched the first ones come off the truck.

“Its power is intoxicating,” she beamed, “and despite its size, it seems to float effortlessly.”

This girl was too good to be true.

“What do you think of the new colors?”

“Colors? I haven’t seen any new colors, but who knew they’d cause no allergic reaction?”

“Allergic reaction?”

“Yeah, the Super Bee is gentle and completely resistant to pesticides.”


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