The Rock That Knew Too Much

The only thing better than reading Friday Fictioneers is joining in the fun with 100 words of my own. This week there happened to be an unoccupied hour and I couldn’t resist the chance to pair a flash rant with the photo prompt courtesy of fellow Fictioneer C.E. Ayr.

A day late, but not short on piss and vinegar stone cold sass, here is my offering.

Copyright C.E. Ayr

The Rock That Knew Too Much

Millennia before lifeforms slithered into existence and declared their right to self-determination, firmament comingled with magma to produce a witness to every age from the dinosaur to dystopia. Today, a stone’s throw from where the world caught fire, Igneous, the pugnacious pumice, sits stupefied, forever frozen by the predatory species hell bent on silencing the last remaining testament to man’s destructive nature.

It was only a matter of time until no stone was left unturned and Igneous cried out in an avalanche of rage the truth that Gibraltar had known all along.

“Humans are dumber than a box of rocks!”



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13 thoughts on “The Rock That Knew Too Much

  1. Dear StepHonie,

    You had me in tears this morning. That last line sent me reeling. I laughed out loud until I choked. I’m doing a happy dance to see you among the Hollywood Squares this week.



  2. People are still trying to decide if I’m a solid, liquid, or gas. Connie is leaning heavily toward gas.

    In my personal experience with rocks, I have discovered they are not stupid but merely lazy and uncooperative, much like teenagers.

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