Dream Job

Those who read posts other than Friday Fictioneers know the job search process that consumes my every waking (sometimes sleeping) moment. It’s been an odd year since I graduated. Come to think of it, my entire work life has been odd. So, there’s no reason to believe what lies ahead will be much different. Until then, there’s the writing.

Friday Fictioneers is one of the bright spots, in addition to my garden, that keeps me sane. Sort of. My story this week is one of frustration and reality. Thanks to Rochelle and Roger and all of the other writers. You can read their stories here.

Copyright Roger Bultot

Service Without A Smile

They could have just paid their server and left, never to return, but NOOOO! Gerard always caught the wrong end of the customer service stick. How did the kitchen seem to know to make a major screw up when he was in the middle of running payroll or doing the grocery order? If only he’d gone to college, he’d be an up-market gentleman with clients worth millions. Instead his days were spent consoling white collar foodies whose eggs were over cooked, directing tourists to the lady’s room, or shooing divers from the dumpster. Damn his loyalty to the family business!

24 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. I think I’ve avoided FF because I miss it so much, but I am stuck and treading water. However, I have been watching for word of a job, and oh, I’m SOOO happy for you! Can’t wait to hear more about it! Mazel Tov Steph, you SO deserve this! xo

  2. A few – very few – people I know have said, “I love my job!” And I smile as my mind whirls thinking REALLY? WHAT? HOW COOL IS THAT? Knowing that I’ve never said that. Thank goodness I’m retired. You caught all that and more in this tale.

  3. Good story, Stephanie. It is a good reminder why it is called “work,” all of the other four-letter words are taken.

    Chin up, press on and enjoy this time off. When you land that job your personal time will be shorter and more precious.

  4. Nice story. I liked Gerard’s loyalty to the family. I think everyone hates their job at times.

  5. Dear StepHonie,

    As some friends of mine used to say, “Life be’s dat way sometimes.” Perhaps it’s not too late for Gerard. Well written. I could feel his frustration.



    1. Yep, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Gerard lost it when he discovered the servers neglected their side work for an entire three day weekend. There was hell to pay on Monday!

  6. Poor Gerard. Stuck in a dead-end job. To expand on Christine’s comment, “The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it.”

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