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The original title of this post was “Things NOT To Post On Social Media When Looking For A Job.” Upon further review, in the morning light, it became clear that Chianti does not pair well with late night blogging. The best thing I can do for myself right now is to curtail my freedom of speech – so ordered, so edited. See how self-governance works?

I know this SNL skit has been youtubin’ down the river of social media, but when something’s got wings, you gotta let it fly! Melissa McCarthy is brilliant. I love her and everything she stands for or against. The chick’s got game.

Speaking of slam dunks, this week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt, courtesy of Ted Strutz, made me think I was in over my head at first, but in a flash of inspiration, Millie Hollingsworth came to mind, and 100 words rolled onto the keyboard. SWOOSH! Thanks Ted.

Copyright Ted Strutz

Hell or High Water

Eternal damnation terrified Millie. She was forever confessing one selfish impulse after another to keep the devil from walking into church and snatching her right off the pew.

“Sanctify my soul, oh Lord, that I may be worthy of forgiveness.” Millie’s plea was often recited with desperate urgency as the deacon caressed her shoulder.

“We’re gonna keep you on the straight and narrow come hell or high water, Child.”

His haphazard plan to instill some virtue he thought she naturally lacked didn’t work. His good intentions paved the road to Millie’s hell, a trip easily managed with her eyes closed.


Readers new to Friday Fictioneers will want to visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for their reading pleasure and further instruction on how to join her supporting cast. Thanks for reading.

56 thoughts on “Nothing But Net

  1. Aaaahhh Honie, I see what you did there.
    Oh and btw, something I learned that may help, when sipping on vino and feeling excessively brilliant, I will err on the side of caution and save the post in my draft folder. Sometimes my brilliance isn’t as bright then, sometimes it is.

  2. That’s just it. Intentions are like those impossible expectations. Millie has to find her own way. So sorry to hear about the self-governance. Hmm. I hope that doesn’t dampen your spirits, Honie. Great write!

  3. Dear StepHonie,

    Solomon is credited with writing “There’s nothing new under the sun.” He was certainly an expert in that department. 😉 Poor Millie. She’s an unfortunate victim. Sadly there are so many charlatans out there, preying on the guilt ridden. Very well written as always.



    1. Dear Rochelle,

      As you may have guessed, there is a larger backstory here. True, Millie’s “sins” were ones of the pushing in line sort, and she is guiltless but doesn’t know it. This kind of thing stays with a person, creating chronic crisis for many. Oh, that Solomon, he knew what he was talking about, didn’t he?

      Joy comes in the morning,

  4. I believe the scripture says it’s better to have millstone around your neck than to lead one of His little ones astray. Sadly, there are thousands of examples of religious leaders who’ve used satisfied their lustful desires in this manner. Burn, Deacon, burn.

  5. “We’re gonna keep you on the straight and narrow come hell or high water, Child.” Oh, so much B*&&#@$T in those words. I can’t imagine how many children have been ruined this way. Well done.

  6. Amazing how a picture and a name got a story out. Those don’t happen often , so ride the wave. A shame about the whole situation in the story.

    The red button was great! I want one!

    1. The red button has been there all along. It isn’t new. Come to think of it, neither is the “situation” in the story. I’d say ask Santa for one, but as you read a couple of weeks ago, he’s dead.

      1. Richard Pryor used to say his family was so poor his dad would go outside with a shotgun and fire it off and say, “Santa ain’t coming this year.” 😀

        No, the situation isn’t new, either. 😦

    1. Misdemeanors by comparison, no doubt. Millie’s sins mostly involved a want for attention that no one (save the deacon) could be bothered to show her. A trouble more common than one might think.

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