Friday Fictioneers – Off The Rails

Credit where credit is due, this week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt was provided by C.E. Ayr. Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping the challenge running on time. Off The Rails seemed an apt title for my contribution this week. I assure you, every word counts. More FF stories are here. Thanks for reading.



Off The Rails

On a gloomy Tuesday, Cooper called Lou. Lou set down his phone. He was stunned. He felt used. A ticking time-bomb he couldn’t defuse had been tossed at his feet, there was nothing to do but go home to his wife and tell her the news.

“That Cooper should have to walk a mile in your shoes!”

“I know you are shocked. I’m dumbfounded too.”

“What happens next month when the mortgage is due?”

Lou smiled at his wife and held out his hand, “We’ll figure it out, Dear. I love you.”

“Sure we will. I love you too, Lou.”


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Off The Rails

  1. I like the way it rhymes. I kept waiting for The Cat in The Hat to enter. Like Papa Walton said to Mama Walton in The Homecoming, “Love, darlin’.”

    Nice to see you, “Homie” (intended misspelling). 😉

  2. The best thing he can do is get away from the time bomb, or throw it back at Cooper.
    I was surprised at how quickly his wife changed her tune (he must be quite a charmer). When I lost my job in the 80’s Connie was upset for quite some time.

    1. I suppose an alternate ending would go something like, “No we won’t. I’m leaving, we’re through,” but I couldn’t do that to Lou. Fictional characters are too fragile for that kind of shock. Lou might have went on a rampage and ended up in prison or on reality tv.

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