Once Upon A Mistake

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Julianna’s big sister had entertained her with bedtime stories for as long as she could remember.

“Is this going to be one of your ‘he sold his car to buy strings for her cello and she sold her cello to buy snow tires for his car’ stories?”

“My god, JuJu, how much do you think cello strings cost? No. Just listen. You haven’t heard this one; I promise,” Marie whispered. “Devon was a handsome cellist. He played here with a chamber orchestra before you were born.”

Marie closed her eyes, summoning her courage.

“Nine months to be exact.”



Well, there you have it. My 100 word story prompted by the genius, the poet, Björn Rudberg. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the name of the dame who keeps Friday Fictioneers rockin’ and rollin’. Check out more FF stories here.

34 thoughts on “Once Upon A Mistake

  1. I seem to remember my older brother telling me I was some one else’s kid, but I think that was just because he resented sharing the bedroom. Good story Honie with a killer last line 👍

  2. I was smiling through all the funny stories until the heartfelt end. Nicely done, my mind is running with possibilities.

  3. I love you story and all the comments as well. For me, there needs to be some sense of the bizarre almost in a short story or flash but it still needs to be credible and you achieved both of those very well. My husband was a menopause baby and there was talk that his older sister was his mother around town. His Mum actually went to have a hysterectomy and was told to go home. She was pregnant. So, that was quite a story as well. He turns 50 this weekend.
    xx Rowena

    1. That is a great personal connection to my little fiction. My husband’s grandmother discovered she had a sister when she was 72. Family secrets are of particular interest to me. They make for interesting reading and terrific drama. Thanks for your comment.

      1. How exciting. Do you know how it went? My husband’s father has a half sister born after his mother died but there’s been no contact and we don’t know what she knows. I have wondered whether we should try to make contact. If it was me, I’d want to know.

  4. My mother used to be a big fan of True Confessions magazine. She would have loved this one, especially after you add all steamy details.

    P.S. – That cellist should have worn a cover on his bow.

    1. Good. I wasn’t sure if “big sister’s” situation was clear. I tinkered with a line about the difference in their age, but couldn’t make the word count work. Bow covers should be standard equipment for traveling cellists.

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