A Long Overdue Book Review

This time last year I was in the grips of some extraordinarily difficult subjects. Human trafficking, child soldiers, the prospect of accepting a less than stellar grade in forensic anthropology (I don’t know how I managed a B). The 2016 spring semester, now a distant memory, loomed large with its 15 credit hours including another round of statistics. So, when the holiday break rolled around I decided to enjoy a little “lite reading,” and treated myself to Carrie Rubin’s medical thriller, Eating Bull.


Carrie is fearless in her use of fiction to drive home the very real epidemic of obesity in America. Her characters are ordinary people, doing ordinary things, but forget slice of life; Eating Bull is a big ol’ slab of reality. Jeremy, the teen aged protagonist’s struggle tugs at your heartstrings, but the circumstances that contribute to his family’s dysfunction are only part of the story. Murder most foul and its sadistic motivations pierce theme after difficult theme and provoke the reader to examine the medical establishment, bigotry, and a society poisoned by consumerism. Eating Bull is available here. Find out for yourself what happens in this award winning novel chock-full of suspense!




15 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Book Review

  1. Oy! You beat me to the punch! I have so been planning to write a book review of Eating Bull… having finally gotten back to writing! Now, I’ll have to wait a little bit, and then link back to this. 🙂 LOVED this book and really enjoyed this review. Nicely done, Steph!

  2. If there was ever a week I needed a pick-me-up, this was it, and now you’ve given me one. Thank you so much for the review! You’re very kind to spread the word. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I definitely didn’t sugar coat things in it, but as I learned from people who face these realities on a daily basis, their experiences are far from sugar-coated. Only raw and painful, sadly.

    1. You interpreted the raw and painful for certain. I meant to write a review soon after I finished reading, but something happened. Oh, yeah, life smacked me upside the head and I had to pay attention. Life does that sometimes.

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