There Goes The Neighborhood

Copyright Amy Reese


Paul paused in the doorway. Buzzing fluorescent lights harmonized with the hum in his head, too many years around lawn mowers and leaf blowers. His chest tightened as he realized his life was being reduced to a 12 x 12 unit. For the better part of sixty years odd jobs made ends meet, but with the new human labor ban his only option was to accept the Relocation Package and “get while the gettin’s good,” so he was told.

“What’s a man to do? Drones Only is law. Keep to yourself and there’ll be no trouble.”

So he was told.


You can check out more Friday Fictioneers here. Thanks to Amy and Rochelle for this week’s prompt.



29 thoughts on “There Goes The Neighborhood

  1. The only part I cast doubt upon is the fact that ‘Drones Only’ is so clear-cut and specific. Nowadays, laws that destroy the work force are typically described as “Right to Work” initiatives–leaving unwritten that it is “For less pay, no rights, iffy benefits and more hours.”

  2. Human Labor Bans! Would be funny it weren’t so scary and something that seems eeriely possible for those kinds of odd jobs. Well written story that makes me pause and think about the way the world is going. Well done!

  3. What Rochelle said: eerily close to reality. (Although the image in the picture/prompt became very familiar to me this year, due to my recent move and search for a new home!!!)

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