It’s Raining Frogs In Texas

The dude in the photo below was camped out on my last remaining tomato plant, and as I was removing basil to make room for garlic, I spotted him snoozing in the sun. I ran inside and grabbed my camera. Luckily he was still there when I returned.


Today it is raining. Tomorrow it will be raining. Sunday too. So, planting garlic will have to wait. Until then, there’s homework. Among the many things I have learned so far this semester, it is safe to say that I am not going to become a forensic scientist. I will probably never even play one on TV, but I have learned a thing or twenty about human evolution (or lack thereof). More on that in a future post. Until then, here are 100 words of total fiction.

Copyright Dale Rogerson
Copyright Dale Rogerson

 Cultural Artifacts 

“A highly developed mechanical species once dominated this entire planet,” said the interstellar tour guide.


Skeptical, I asked, “How do you know?”


“We know this because remains found in shallow pools at the Swamp of Enlightenment show forms with variable height adjustment. This, of course, was a response to rising water levels during the Exxonozoic Era. A wider wheel base evolved as larger quantities of fossil fuels were consumed.”


I raised my hand. “Why didn’t the species adapt?”


“It is unknown. However, the widely accepted hypothesis is that an uncontrollable demand for power ushered in the Age of Arctic Fires.”


Thanks to Dale Rogerson for this week’s prompt.

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43 thoughts on “It’s Raining Frogs In Texas

  1. Oh, man, am I brain dead. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why everyone was commenting on office chairs! It took repeated viewing of the photograph to pick out what they were talking about. I’m going to blame my density on post-Halloween sugar crash.

  2. I personally think you would be a brilliant forensic scientist, that is just me though.

    The frog pictures, especially the one in the comments…gad love them. Wonderfully done. Perfectly done even. I have had garden spiders and wolf spiders this year. The wolves, they are shy and I haven’t gotten a single shot of them. The garden spiders, they are brilliant, they have been spinning in my lavender and each of them are wonderful, two as big as my palm and their orange against the purple of the lavender, simply beautiful.

    Your flash, as always perfectly done. Smiling and giggling. Who knew?

  3. Dear StepHonie,

    I never knew about the evolution of office chairs. I guess they hadn’t discovered that when I was in school back in the dark ages. Once more your writing and story are filled with knowledge and subtle humor.

    Love the frog pics.



    1. We may have some tree sized mushrooms by the end of the week, Allan. Flash is the key word. It has to be quick. This is why I sometimes pass on posting FF. I don’t have time to read many of the others’ stories or comment or reply to comments. So, sometimes the bus leaves without me, but I steal a moment here and there.

      1. We have a whole frog habitat in the fish pond. Only see them once in a while, but we hear them all the time. And of course we see the results of frog romance floating like fairy bubbles on the water in the morning. 😀

    1. I do love it. The prof is brilliant. Seriously brilliant. The class is difficult. Not so much that I’m totally lost, but I overloaded my wagon a little, you know, like ya do, and well, I’m feelin’ it. Seriously. 🙂

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