Of Mouse and Mankind

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford
Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

The Modern Thinkers Conference convenes, and as participants from around the globe take their seats they hear gunshots in the distance.

“What we are witnessing with these continual outbreaks of violence are organisms that are unable to adapt to their environment,” says the conference leader. “We need to get creative.”

Someone in the back speaks up. “So, what you are saying is that as technology advances, our chance of survival against threats from within our own species will require not only critical thinking but creativity.”

“Yes, exactly, creativity is vital for future survival.”

“Such as?”

“Personalizing our workspaces, of course.”


I must confess that lately it seems there is so much talk without substance going on in the world that I am beginning to see the appeal of earbudding through life. Yes, I verbalated a noun. Yes, I created a new term for turning a noun into a verb. Verbalated. Spread it around. Okay, now that I’ve gotten my creative fix for the week, I’ve got to get my study on. Creativity abounds as Friday Fictioneers share their stories. You can check out what they are up to here. Thanks for reading.

39 thoughts on “Of Mouse and Mankind

  1. I like the verbalation. I am sure it would come in useful in the future. When I tried to think of examples, I realised we already do it a lot. We soap our bodies, pencil in changes, curtain rooms. I could maybe slipper across the floor or bread my plate.

    1. Well, mutually assured destruction can only get us so far. So, sure, we need some modern thinkers to work out how we can walk back thousands of years of violence in the name of progress. I might not be the best choice for moderator, but I’d certainly like to be in attendance the day that conference convenes.

    1. Free seating, indeed. There is no safe seat at the feast. This, I am sure, is as it always has been. And sadly, I don’t see human evolution as a progression toward such a thing as world peace.

  2. As Lyle said, two new words, I like them. We should find more…
    Talk without substance just about sums things up globally at the moment, well done Honie.

    1. Bloody rebellion isn’t exactly a new concept, is it? As I read more and more about past conflicts and the amount of work it eventually took to halt the violence in one area only to have it erupt somewhere else, it becomes clear that leaders are still not communicating effectively to find lasting solutions to the global crisis of violence at the local level. But hey, lets redecorate something.

    1. Yes, I suspect earbudding would come up in conversation more than verbalated. Unless, of course, there is some debate in the future about who invented verbalating, and you can say that you know for a fact who the first person was to verbalate earbud. Yeah, I can see that coming in handy.

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