Life: Enter At Your Own Risk

Copyright- Claire Fuller
Copyright- Claire Fuller

Upon arrival we received instruction manuals. How Your Body Works and How the World Works. At the age of accountability, loosely defined, we were told to choose for ourselves. But choice, when faced with the lesser of two evils, was a useless proposition. A supplemental chapter was given to people of a certain age. Like the age of accountability, this age turned out to be not as certain as one might think. None of us could claim ignorance when it came to what was happening all over the world. Food insecurity was real. But we were not powerless. In theory.


The fall semester has begun. It’s going to be a tough one, but the end is near. Or is it the beginning of something else? Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out more Friday Fictioneers here.

23 thoughts on “Life: Enter At Your Own Risk

  1. Only change is certain in this age and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which of the two evils is the lesser. A lot here to make one think. Good luck with school, Steph.

  2. Dear Stephonie,

    Everything works in theory, doesn’t it?

    You’re one tough woman. Sending you all the best for the coming school year. You have my utmost support and admiration.



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