Copyright - Madison Woods
Copyright – Madison Woods

Out of windows we make a deal,

Gold is the arch from pole to pole,

We praise forever the happy meal

For the drive-thru is our goal.

In the fell clutch of the dollar menu

We have not been more wholly proud.

Into the hallowed fast food venue

Limp and lifeless bodies crowd.

Beyond the face with painted smile

Lies meat product by the pound,

Faithful workers all the while

Flipping burgers wear a frown.

It matters not how high the price,

How unwholesome is the cost,

Corporate charity or vice,

We won’t remember what was lost.


We all deserve a break today. Thanks for reading.

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38 thoughts on “Ubiquitous!

  1. This is awesome, Honie! Loved it. I liked the limp and lifeless line, too. It’s a reminder that people get into the cycle of unhealthy eating and behavior, but don’t even realize it anymore on their way to being “happy.”

  2. They found a way to chemically alter the food to make it addicting, The cheapness added to that. It’s all the food companies, My grandmother used lard, butter, all natural foods – no one is overweight. Healthy, and they ate three full meals a day, including sugar, flour, and salt. The bottom line – not people, not health, not humanity – greed. Sorry, didn’t mean to get on a soap box. Loved your piece.

  3. I liked the limp and lifeless line, although obese and bloated might be a good fit as well. Despite their food not being that tasty or wholesome, you have to hand it to them for their marketing strategy. Mickey D’s is no worse than their competitors. Fast food in general is not a healthy option.

    Outstanding job with the poem, Honie. I loved the flow, a smooth, easy read.

  4. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese
    Pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun? Oh, please.
    If THAT’S what you expect me to ingest
    I’ll be walking away feeling quite depressed.

    1. Got it. No big mac, filet-o-fish, quarter pounder, french fies, icy coke, thick shake, sundae, or apple pie either? Have it your way, Mr. Petruska. I like that you capitalized Pickles.

  5. Dear Stephonie,

    There’s the word ubiquitous, I see it everywhere. 😉 As for the Golden Arches…Ronald can keep that poison. I enjoyed your poem…thank you for the break.



    1. Dear Rochelle,
      😉 It’s interesting to me how the branding has evolved over the years. First geared toward weary working mothers too tired to cook but wanting to be sure the food was prepared in a clean kitchen. That the old “grab a bucket and mop” commercial was preformed by men singing “You deserve a break today” is hilarious. How could the public not see right through it?
      Inquiring Mind,

      1. Dear Stephonie,

        That’s what marketing is all about. People are sheep. Glad you’re not one of them.

        Side note, My father was a fry cook and owned a few precursors to what we now know as fast food “restaurants.” He only owned one at a time. They were good old greasy spoons but you didn’t have the food additives and crap back then. So it was good old honest fat.



    1. Hello. I was reading William Earnest Henry’s “Invictus ” this morning – “I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.” and I was struck by how “the menace of the years” does not always find us “unafraid” – one thing lead to another, and there you have it. Inspiration conspires with opportunity. Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well with you.

  6. Impressive piece!
    I can’t even remember when I went in one of those. (Worse US export to other countries ever.)
    And if the food won’t deter people from entering, McDonald’s is now one of favorite sites for armed robberies here. Come in for a snack and leave in a sack.
    Not my way at all.

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