Copyright Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright Dawn Q. Landau

Cold night grips.

Restless wrenching gives no release.

Silent screams choke my throat.

Horror fills space once reserved for dreams.

There is no escape, save waking.

No transport comes.

Hollow shadows cloak my soul.

I live two lives simultaneously, past and future.

The present moment trapped, muzzled.

Forbidden to rest in peace.

Warm light lifts.

Weightless floating gives new perspective.

Golden slivers dazzle my sight.

Glory fills space once damned.

Freedom finds each breath.

No harm threatens.

Playful spirits dance around me.

I drink in rapture of the moment.

Past falls away, future sheltered, safe.

Permitted to live in peace.


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43 thoughts on “Subsistence

  1. Nice poem for this pic. You caught me in the line speaking of past and future, living two lives simultaneously and the divide you created with it, the past being the first half, the future the last. It works well with this image as there’s this image of a dense forest then the path and train tracks representing a sort of civilized and well-paved way versus what path may not be in the forest. 🙂

    1. Yes, you got it. That is exactly what this symbolizes. Have you ever been in a nightmare and thought you were awake, trying to scream for help? I hate when that happens. Thanks, Erin.

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