Back by popular demand with the help of this week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt, the story of Madeline continues. She is an intriguing one, that woman whose past is catching up to her with lightning speed. Thanks for reading.

Copyright – Melanie Greenwood
Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

A thousand memories hung in the air as Madeline moved methodically through the garden. Her hands lightly skimmed the shrubs she and Jacob had planted that first spring she visited her uncle’s farm. The tender shoots shivered, their energy rushing up her arms, and a chill brushed her neck just as Jacob had that day, so long ago.

Was he there? She wondered.

Madeline sat down and laid her satchel beside her on the cool stone. She inhaled deeply, drinking in the moment. Something rustled in the hedge. A hawk nearby sounded an alarm. Jacob must be on on his way.


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25 thoughts on “Supernatural

    1. Oh, what a great compliment. I recently commented to someone, in regard to reading bound books vs, ebooks, that the phrase “it’s a real page turner” means more than “it’s a real screen swiper.” I like that you said turn the page.

    1. I think it may turn into a thing. I really like the character Madeline. Although I think in this part of the story she might not be living. I pictured her as a ghost, traveling back to a place that changed her life. I’d like to try to figure out how to convey that in 100 words.

  1. I agree with all the other comments: first, second and third. I was going to say “anticipation” and it had already been said. I loved how you described the scene and pulled the reader into the story, and of course, the surety and anticipation at the end.

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