Entertaining The Neighbors

Copyright: Jan Wayne Fields
Copyright: Jan Wayne Fields

My table set, guests on their way, I wait. I imagine the last time I saw them. Saw anyone.

“Which day did you tell them?”

“Did you say Saturday? Sunday?”

“Which day? Which day!”

The voices make me second guess myself. I pace. I stop. I stare out the window onto the view I’ve grown accustomed since…since that day. That terrible, terrible day I fell for the girl next door. How lovely she was. Her smile, kind and fragile, my heart’s delight. My soul’s torment.

“They’re not coming!” I shouted to no one. “Oh, wait. They’re already here,” I whispered.


Never fear, Friday Fictioneers are here. Yes, I know the story is creepy. Sad really, in a Tell-Tale Heart meets Ina Garten sort of way. That’s what you get on a grey, cold January day when I’m cooped up waiting for classes to start. For those interested, okay, you two over there, I’m feeling better despite the bleakness of the season. Thanks for reading.


40 thoughts on “Entertaining The Neighbors

  1. Oh, love this, Honie. I can feel his torment. Entertaining the neighbors can be tricky, since they are always right there. If it goes badly, well….there is the constant reminder.

  2. I’m all for creepy and sad. Definitely made me shudder a little, which is a compliment. I admit I occasionally talk to myself, but I don’t answer or argue; that other person does. Kidding! 😉

  3. “Tell-Tale Heart meets Ina Garten…” now there’s a visual—good job. I like the creepy twist at the end. It is perfect for a gray day anytime of year. I hope that you are feeling a bit better everyday. They add up over time.

    1. Now you know what cookies are lurking in the background of my browser. I couldn’t resist the Barefoot Contessa. She’s so damn calm! Every day is sweeter than the day before. They do add up. Thanks, Allan.

  4. Dear Stephonie,

    I get the feeling that the guests are…um…shall we say, wall to wall, or somewhere therein.

    I hope you have a break in the bleakness soon. Winter sucks, but your writing certainly does not.
    I love the teetering tone of this.



    1. Dear Rochelle,
      Oooo, wall to wall, now that IS creepy.
      The sun is out. I’m like the little engine that could today. I know, don’t overdo it. 😉

      I think I can. I think I can.

    1. Good. I was hoping it was not too obvious that the character’s mental state may be teetering toward a not so feel-good place, but that readers might also question if it was just themselves. [teetering]

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