Finals are over and it’s time to celebrate! We kicked off the holiday season on Saturday. One guest responded to the request to bring a desert in true HonieBriggs fashion, showing artificial intelligence is no match for the clever human. The spell check fail turned just another office party into a grammar police riot of holiday hilarity.


Yes, we are quite the party animals.


So, it’s that time of year again to reflect and express gratitude for the comfort and joy we have experienced. 2014 has truly been amazing. I’m humbled and privileged and so very happy in this moment. Until next year, peace.



24 thoughts on “The RSVP

  1. I love the Christmas tree in the reflection there. That’s very nice. Cool photos! Thanks for all your wonderful writing. Have a peaceful and joyful holiday. Rest. 🙂

  2. Hi Honie. Love the dessert/desert and your images. So happy for you that you blew the finals to smithereens. Congratulations. Enjoy the festive season – lots of laughter and happiness always.

  3. Fabulous Desert!

    I love your friends have a sense of the ridiculous!

    Happy times, finals are over and you can relax till the new year. I know you blew them all out of the water so enjoy this time. Happy Holidays, all of them.

    1. Friends of mine have to have a sense of the ridiculous. They couldn’t put up with me otherwise. I did, I did blow the finals to smithereens. Hope you have a peace filled holiday, Val.

  4. I love the photo in the middle, of the reflection. And don’t give the grammar cops a pause. My wife, the high school english teacher, sends me email every day, because I don’t proof as she’d like me to. The “its” and “it’s” really get her goat. Of course, maybe that was just a really, really dry pie.

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