A Bridge To Nowhere. Fast.

Copyright: Sandra Crook
Copyright: Sandra Crook

Marcie’s glare said it all. How many times had she brought the party only to discover Jade with some friend of a friend lookin’ for a free ride? Who was this guy anyway, callin’ her the Grinch who stole Christmas!

“Sticks and stones and all that jazz. Come on, he didn’t mean anything by it. Here, have a smoke.”

Marcie snatched the blunt from Jade.

“How’d you two find this place?”

“Marcie and me, we’re some kinda explorers, like Lewis and Columbus.”

“You mean Lewis and Clark.”

“No, I mean like the guys who discovered Ohio.”

“Dude, that was Columbo.”


Thanks to world traveler, Sandra Crook and purple rainmaker, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this week’s prompt. Have yourselves a merry little Thursday, everybody & check out more Friday Fictioneers here.


Hang on dude, the semester is almost over.

35 thoughts on “A Bridge To Nowhere. Fast.

  1. Dear Stephonie,

    No doubt Norm Crosby was at that party, too. 😉 I’ll admit I got a little lost in the hilarious dialogue as to who was saying what…but I guess they were too stoned to care so why should I? I’m sure I’ve met these people…come to think of it they were our next door neighbors in our first apartment a hundred years ago.

    Thanks for giggles



    1. Dear Dude,
      There are those who’d boost a blog post for a nice tiara, and don’t get me started on the bootleg chicken underground, the BCU, as it’s called in certain spam circles. Many’s the comment that has been intercepted by akismet uncovering plots to perpetrate such dastardly deeds.
      Friend of a Friend,

  2. I hear silly conversations like this on the bus many, oh far too many days… I struggle not to step in and correct people (or try to smack some sense into them).

    1. Master of the whodunit. 😉 This conversation sounds very similar to one I heard at the library recently. I have to restrain myself when I hear people talking like they know what they’re talking about.

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