The Precipice Of Our Own Madness

Copyright - Janet Webb
Copyright – Janet Webb

In the safety of community, we find guidance, choices, hope. The way forward is not behind us. Children watch us, taking note as withered wisdom’s blossoms fade, fortunes lost, ransoms paid. Icy roadblocks freeze our tracks, keeping us ever looking back, wishing for a different way than living to fight another day.

Surrendered to the calendar life seems futile. Commanded to obey instinct we lose the game of pray for prey. Melted puddles underfoot, embers defying ash and soot, dreams won’t be held against their will. Flickers flash one last mad dash soaring, imploring better angels, “Save us from ourselves.”


This week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt, courtesy of Janet Webb, inspired this poetic prose that pretty much sums up how I feel about current events. Final exams are next week and my brain has been working overtime. So, feel free to reel me back in from the deep end.



38 thoughts on “The Precipice Of Our Own Madness

  1. Dear Stephonie,

    (Nope, not a typo 😉 ) I can’t add to the comments above and I can never outdo Doug, so best not to try. So I’ll day ditto to his and other comments. At the same time I’m sending out the lifeline to pull you from the deep end. You can only tread water for just so long. Although I love to do flip turns in deep water. “Save us from ourselves.” Indeed. Beautiful writing as always. No wonder this is one of my favorite places.



  2. I loved it too, Honie. Just a comment–I think it would have been an easier read (for me) if you had broken the lines into poetry-style format. Beautiful message and very creative.

  3. Dear Honie,

    I love the pacing and the prose that falls from your story like the drops of water from a melting icicle. You invoked the harsh winter and the thoughts that come while enduring it. You framed your story well, including the children watching and the observant eyes of the ancients (us) who are going through it. Musical (a dirge) and beautiful, your story was well written and a delight to read. Good job.



  4. Dear Honie, Absolutely love this story. Mike and I went to see “Fiddler on the Roof” when it first came out in cinema. We loved it so much, we took Mike’s parents and went another time to the High School play. It was perfect! Just wonderful! Nan 🙂

  5. It always amazes me the creativity and imagination that the Friday Fictioners come up with..the mad skills you have to look at this photo and come up with a well written/crafted story for it, sigh.

    1. Hey Helen. Always nice to see your comments. I trust all is well with you. I think your blog is one that mysteriously fell off my feed. I’m back with ya now. Each time I get a comment from someone I haven’t seen a post from in a while, I discover the “follow” is unclicked. WP!

    1. Well, Mr. JohnMarkMiller, thank you very much. You did a great job yourself, and I really like how the photo prompt is displayed in the background of your story. That is a nice feature of whatever theme you are using.

    1. Hey Dawn. Thanks! My son and I watched Fiddler on the Roof during the Thanksgiving break, and I think “If I Were a Rich Man” must still be floating around in my head. Stephanie or Honie, either is fine with me. You’ve had a busy time lately, so, that you read my entry and paid me such a generous compliment means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Indeed, great stuff. You even managed some mad rhymez in there. I’m impressed.

    “The way forward is not behind us.” True…unless you prescribe to the adage, ‘those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.’ But I’m probably just overthinking too much.

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