Best Laid Plans

Copyright - Jean L. Hays
Copyright – Jean L. Hays

It was the coldest Hazard County winter on record. An outbreak of the flu and sixty-four inches of snowfall overnight crippled the town. The sickness took hold. Pipes began to burst. Cabin fever set in. Jethro seized the moment to reveal the flash of inspiration he’d been keeping a secret out along the old road where he and Bubba liked to go muddin’ in Bubba’s old station wagon. There was only one problem. No gas. The fillin’ station had run out and the delivery truck was stranded somewhere on Highway Forty.

“Guess you should’a filled up first.”

“Shut up, Bubba.”


Thanks to the prompt provided by Jean L. Hays, the Friday Fictioneers are at it again. Check out all of their stories here. Thanks for reading.

Ads below this post are NOT endorsed by this blogger. Oh, and as cold weather approaches, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand.

33 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Hahahahaha! Yeah, guess so, I reckon. 😀
    Your absence was keenly felt, Stephanie. Also, it seems your writing has gotten stronger. It was good before, but it’s even better now! What’s your secret?
    Anyway, terrific story! Five Bondo cans. 😉

    1. Essays. Lots and lots of essay. This semester I’ve been perfecting the autobiographical, qualitative research technique. No, seriously, that’s what it’s called. HA! Thanks for the kind comment. It’s funny, my first car was held together with Bondo.

  2. Dear Honie,

    “Shut up, Bubba.”

    I loved this story for its down home quality and homespun characters. A perfect take on the prompt and a funny story to boot.



  3. I’m falling out of my chair laughing. This is great, Honie. You’re a writer after my own heart. I think I’m related to at least one of these guys (probably both).

    1. Well, that’s a picture right there! Hope you didn’t bruise anything. No kidding, the man who performed our wedding ceremony was called Bubba. I think his “given name” was Eugene, but on our marriage license it says, Bubba Justice.

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