Life: I Am Clearly Not Doing It Right

Sometimes when people take the high road it’s less about their unselfishness and more about making somebody else take the low road. This has been on my mind a lot lately. Passive aggressive behavior really sets me on fire, but of course, that is exactly what it is intended to do, isn’t it? Sure, there is waaaaay too much aggressive behavior in the world. I just think martyrdom is the wrong way to go in this day and age.

Is it political correctness that keeps us from saying, “What the hell, dude? Stop being a victim. Tell that bully to make like a tree and leave!” Is it the media or society or fear mongers or assholes who text behind the wheel of a moving vehicle who are the problem? If the answer is D: all of the above, then it’s time to rise up and tell them to knock it off!

I’m writing essays about leadership. I should not be writing essays about leadership. I should be exhibiting leadership behaviors. Leaders know how to balance tasks and relationships. They know how to prioritize and collaborate to get things done. Leaders don’t always get it right, but they certainly don’t blame others when they totally screw up. No, they own their mistakes.

If we don’t want violence to be our entertainment of choice, we should say so. Loudly.

If we don’t want our neighbors to go hungry or be homeless or snap and kill us all, we should help them out of their misery.

The mascot of my college is the eagle. The mascot of my high school was the eagle. The symbol of my country is the eagle. I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.

In case you think I have gone ’round the bend, I haven’t. Truly. I’m just really ready for the semester to be over and to get on with the business of living.

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26 thoughts on “Life: I Am Clearly Not Doing It Right

  1. I remember that feeling of wanting to get on with it, get out of school and re-engage with life. Schooling is good in doses a degree at a time, a course at a time, an assignment at a time. So many things are put on hold for want of enough hours in the day and school can gobble up that time.

  2. Put your money on the Eagles to go all the way this season…?

    No. As a devout Broncos fan I can’t type those words with a straight face. But I can applaud you for putting those who text while driving in their rightful places!

    1. This morning on my commute, I saw a bumper sticker that said “STFU and DRIVE” – I don’t understand why our legislature says texting laws are in infringement on personal freedom but they can legislate all over a woman’s lady parts.

  3. People claim to like people who speak their mind, but I’ve found (after a lifetime of testing) that, in reality, they mostly like it when the mind you’re speaking matches theirs.

    And Leaders pay a lot of lip service to wanting people to think “outside the box” but actually doing so tends to lead to an endless fountain of sorrow.

    As much as most claim to love individuality, actually dealing with it makes them uncomfortable.

    1. People who only want to interact with like-minded people are irritating, aren’t they? Give me a good old fashioned debate, sans unnecessary insult, of course. I think by “outside the box” some people just mean in a bigger box. Preferably one they can tape shut and walk away from me.

  4. Just the person to be talking about leadership – and importance of doing not wringing hands and talking. Sheep end up getting shoved off the cliff while the ones doing the shoving tell them it’s fine. Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way.
    (And definitely time to get outside and get charged up with this weather!)

  5. I’d say you’re doing life pretty alright. Now I have that damn song in my head..curses. Flip them all off, Honie. Eagle..bird…middle finger…see there ya go.
    ( keep rolling, you’re almost to the end of the semester)

      1. Indeed, you’re rather good at making ’em. Can’t say I found my “dream job” whatever that may be, but I’m working now! After eight long months, I’ve been steadily employed since July. I work in real estate, which is kind of insane since I’ve never seen myself in that field and never saw myself as a salesperson. But there ya go!

    1. I’ve been overdue for a rant. That’s usually when they happen. I own so many mistakes I had to rent a storage unit. Kidding, of course, but there is something to be said for being responsible for our own actions and reactions.

    1. Thanks, Amy. I think the eagle is a common mascot because it’s strong and powerful. Oh, and doesn’t offend the sensibilities of people. I did hear some chatter about blue jays having their feathers ruffled, but I think that might have been a rumor.

    1. I used to live in a conundrum. Oh no, wait, that was a condominium. I’m with you; I like to be able to take people at their word. It’s just that sometimes I don’t understand a word they are saying.

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