Guest Post: I Married A Beauty Queen – But I Got So Much More

Loyal Follower
Loyal Follower

Hi!  I’m Jon – a.k.a. Honie’s Loyal Follower.  I must admit that I was a little scared to be a guest poster on  Even though I am her Loyal Follower and she even gave me a page on her site, I am nowhere close to being as creative as my Honie, but she said she’d let me do a guest post. So, here’s my best attempt for her Birthday!

My Honie, as disclosed in a previous post, is a competition tested winner of a beauty pageant. This didn’t surprise me when I first met her. I’ve always seen her beauty and the fire in her eyes! Being the Loyal Follower that I am, I must tell you that my Honie is loved by me. She followed me even before there was tweeting, linking in, WordPressers, face bookers, bloggers, and tracking of followers. It was after smoke signals but before that guy “invented the internet”. She followed me from IL, AL, NC, AL again, CO, and now to TX. Each time I came home and told her that a person called me about a job she always said, “You should go for it.”


Honie is creative. She has always found a way to make something out of what initially looked like nothing. She is the most loyal and compassionate person I know. She makes me feel good about myself. She believes in and supports me. She’s always there for me whispering, “We will work it out and it will be ok.” Over the years I have watched her age, every year increasing in her beauty and grace. So, today I share with you some of the reasons why I follow her and wish my Honie a HUGE Happy Birthday. Yes, I’m very lucky to have married a beauty queen – but I got so much more!

Out on the town

Honie is loving, loyal, beautiful, sassy, funny, smart, charitable, kind, brave, a master chef, a master gardener, a mess cleaner upper, volunteer, a jet engine mechanic, patriotic, a dancer, author, overnight quality painter and sheet rock repair specialist, fighter, philanthropist, negotiator, fast driver, tough & tender, a mom – daughter & sister, a dream maker, inspirational, creative, a 100% fine southern woman, fierce, a master of naps, cute, wall mover, professional packer & mover, thoughtful, supportive, warm, gentle, an advocate for increasing respect for women, a good shot, spirited, a Roll-Tide Alabama fan, biker, camper, short order cook, not quiet or meek, and thankfully, my best friend.

Come back and visit this site, follow her blog, and buy her book – you won’t be disappointed.  P.S.  She loves your comments! I now return to My Loyal Follower page to do follower things and continue to admire HonieBriggs.

As she always says, HonieBriggs does NOT endorse ads below this post.

Queen of the Amalfi Coast


26 thoughts on “Guest Post: I Married A Beauty Queen – But I Got So Much More

    1. That picture is one of my most favorite from our anniversary trip. It was also our holiday greeting card that year. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. I know this is a late reply, I just now have a few minutes of quiet.

  1. Happy Birthday Honie (late but truly meant) I cannot imagine it was anything but truly marvelous with such a fine follower. What a lovely tribute from someone who clearly knows you well.

  2. Dear Honie, wishing you a HUGE Happy Birthday. And Jon, I enjoyed your lovely words – a very touching post. Honie, enjoy your birthday, and have a drink or three on me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Stephanie, and thank you, Jon, for this inspired post. The three of us only spent a few hours together but the qualities that you have listed are spot on. I hope that today is special for both of you.

    1. Allan, what an amazing compliment. I hope you know just how much meeting you meant to us both. We are so proud to know you, and like the day we visited you at the GGB, my birthday was a special day. Thank you so very much for your generosity.

        1. That’s the thing about ego, it isn’t always telling us we are awesome. Sometimes, much of the time in the case of my smack-talking ego, it repeats undeserving, undeserving, undeserving like a freakin mockingbird. That’s why I’m lucky to have my loyal follower.

            1. I suspect there a lot of us who have it. I believe that voice is BiG pharma’s bread and butter. I think that voice keeps a lot of industries afloat. For instance, the diet industry as well as the makers of chocolate chip cookie dough. Just sayin’.

  4. And a master Captain Morgan drinker, spades player.. The list goes on and on… I love you sis happy birthday! Xoxo Sammy Ps. Nice work Jon 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I have no doubt Honie is all those things. It shows in her wonderful writing. And a master of naps is a critical skill to have. I’m still working on that one myself…

    Happy Birthday, Honie! What a fun tribute to you this post is. 🙂

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