11 thoughts on “Why The Average Person Can’t Be Bothered

  1. This was pretty thought-provoking. I freaking love classes that make you uncomfortable and force you to think about things as they are or as they should be. I miss those. I’ve been grappling with “giving” for quite a few years now. I want to “give” I want to “help”, but there’s that whole “can’t—not now” thing going on because…I’m bloody unemployed. But will I happily and easily give once I have a steady job? I hope so…

    1. Hala J. I suspect you give in ways you don’t even realize. Time spent listening to a friend, a stranger even, being thoughtful enough to engage in dialogue with a person on the other side of the planet for example…yes, “giving” isn’t always about the money. I do hope you find the job you are looking for and that you don’t have to work too many of those “it’s a paycheck” ones before you can follow your passion.

  2. You brought up a lot of good questions and issues. No easy answers and I can understand why you were relieved to have the class end. Uncomfortable thinking is not an American, or maybe human, common trait.

    1. Exactly, it was that uncomfortable thinking that challenged me the most last semester. These and other questions are the very reason I decided to go back to school.

  3. I wonder how much the new idea of “giving” by sharing and liking non-profit pages results in actual results. Does that really make a difference? I’m not so sure. Besides I’d rather go volunteer in person and get my hands dirty(gardening) or keeping my hands busy helping.

    1. Money, it turns out, is often a barrier to charitable giving for several different reasons. There are a lot of people who prefer to donate their time rather than write a check. Your question is a good one, and Singer refers to researchers making a sincere effort to determine the answer to the effectiveness question in his book. You may want to check it out.

  4. Well done. I love the too busy response. It would be so refreshing to hear people tell the truth instead – given my current priorities, your request doesn’t make the top 5,000.

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