Ewe Love Limericks

Copyright Sandra Crook
Copyright Sandra Crook

Consider the diligent sheep

Lulling you gently to sleep

Each unaware

As they hang in mid-air

You’re counting on them to leap

When a ram starts to block

The lamb of the flock

Out of sheer enjoyment

The flock starts to run

Including the one

You’ve given steady employment

Disturbed by this chaotic turn

Emotions steadily burn

You rise from your bed

Consumed by the dread

Another night’s rest you will spurn

Sheep are unreliable

Simply not to be trusted

They’re fluffy; β€˜tis true

But much of the ewe

Are dyed in the wool mutton-headed dolts, says I


Bad poetry is indefensible. What can I say? I couldn’t help myself. Thanks Sandra, for this week’s photo prompt. Check out all of the Friday Fictioneers here.

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33 thoughts on “Ewe Love Limericks

  1. Dear Honie,

    The sheep puns are a-hoof this week, aren’t they? Counting sheep never works for me when I can’t sleep. I usually resort to bad television sitcoms. Funny stuff. Thanks for starting my day with a grin.



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