Stem The Tide

Copyright Erin Leary

Introspection becomes retrospection which leads to a head-on collision with shoulda, coulda, woulda hauling ass in my direction. Today while sorting through my to-do list, I stumbled upon a page of my life story that reminded me once upon a time I was a different person. Rebellion has been replaced by confidence, blind faith by experience. No longer craving approval, I have self-respect. No longer existing in a state of want, I have great fortune. Not the kind needing a portfolio manager but that merits gratitude. ย I wish doubt would never darken my doorstep again. Is that just wishful thinking?


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46 thoughts on “Stem The Tide

  1. With age comes wisdom… I hate when all those things my grandmother/ mother/ etc said come true, but they do indeed. It’s a process. I find that 10 steps forward inevitably brings a couple of stumbles back as well. I’ve been writing a lot about this on my blog lately, as I navigate some big lessons. Nice job with this prompt! That fog and fuzzy sun, seem to bring a sense of contemplation, right? We went in similar directions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. We did go in similar directions. Searching for clarity is an ongoing struggle. Getting it together requires taking it apart somehow, I think. This was much much longer than 100 words on the first pass. I agree about the prompt. It lent itself to the topic of self-analysis.

    1. Amy, I am so happy you saw that. It’s like one minute there is this recognition of how good things are and in the very next moment that old bugaboo creeps onto the page to ruin it.

  2. Well written and so true! It’s amazing how this process occurs, I’ve definitely been in some head-on collisions myself. My new poetry book is very much about and a product of these experiences that you’re talking about.

    One of the beauties of writing is that we have so much of ourselves that we can revisit. I think all artists and craftineers go through this when we look back on our older works. Really if you looked back and nothing was different then that alone could teach us that we need to do some growing and changing. I’m proud to know I’ve changed, even if sometimes I’m embarrassed by the old days. Good for you for being able to recognize and give yourself props!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I get what you are saying about older works. I was so happy to complete my first book. I think now there are parts that I would write differently. The good thing is…I can keep writing. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Everything in hindsight right? I already can feel my experience from publishing this book working for the next. And yes, we keep on keeping on!


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