Damn The Torpedoes

On The Edge

Human interaction requires not so much a trust of others, as of our selves. We have to trust that we won’t fall apart when someone disappoints us. It’s a fact, people will disappoint us. Every effort we make to connect with others in a meaningful way we are just asking to be disappointed. That’s the risk we take. One worth taking, no doubt, and one that becomes easier to take when we understand that our lives are fluid, always in motion. We are constantly moving from one situation to another. Sometimes people move with us and sometimes they go a different direction. It happens. We move in and out of each other’s lives, leaving an imprint for better or worse.

To share struggles with strangers somehow seems easier than to expect loved ones to understand. For some reason, for them the effort is too great, the distance too far even when they are sitting right next to us. This is why I write. It’s a terrific release. Words have power. They sting and burn and propel raw emotion from an inferno into a single burst of clarity that tells the reader exactly what we want them to know.

Making lasting connections isn’t something I do on a large scale. My circle is small, and the older I get, the smaller it gets. I have never been particularly popular, but reaching out to others is something I consistently try to do, and even though doing so brings its share of disappointment, it occasionally offers the opportunity to interact with some pretty amazing people. When I think about the chances of someone like me coming in contact, even for a moment, with the many talented people who have visited this blog, enjoyed something I wrote, and took the time to tell me so, well, it boggles the mind. Never in a million years would I have expected to be so lucky. That’s exactly how I feel today. Lucky.

People move on. It’s disappointing, but I trust myself not to fall apart. Another year waits to be explored. It may not take me where I expect to go, but I’ll have fun getting there!

Hello old friend
I knew you’d come
To take me to task
Like you’ve always done
What’s this?
No new tricks?
Well, let’s get going
The sun is setting
We need to make tracks
I have things I want to talk about
Subtle and dynamic
Light fades

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27 thoughts on “Damn The Torpedoes

  1. I, too, travel in a limited circle. Always have, always will. But like you, social media has created a whole new circle I never imagined, one that encompasses countries from all over the world. Pretty fabulous when you think about it. 🙂

  2. Totally agreed with strangers often being a more appreciative audience than relatives. It’s easier for strangers to come and go from our spheres, but that time while we’re connected, however brief it is, seems all the merrier because we’ve chosen those connections for ourselves. It’s empowering and joyous at the same time while it lasts.

  3. Honie, my husband and I have had this conversation. Yes, people disappoint – all the time. Our circle of friends is very small. I’m a pleaser, and I don’t like confrontation. That leads to having a hard time saying no – and then being taken for granted. When I did learn to say no, I was amazed at how many “friends” fell by the wayside when I would no longer do what they expected of me. Online friendships are so amazing. It’s easy to connect with strangers, get to know them to some extent – and then have feelings and care about them! Blogging has opened up an entirely new world for me, and I’ve never felt so … as you put it … lucky. It truly does boggle the mind. Very nice post.

    1. Thanks, Maddie. A pleaser, yes I know the role well, and I agree it does lead to being taken for granted from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with saying no. That’s an option we can give ourselves as we mature. Getting older does have its advantages.

  4. Nice post Honie. When I was younger, like many children, I thought my world would always stay the same. As we know, life is not like that. People come and go; some are part of our lives for a short time and then drift on by. Others are there forever, throughout our trials, tribulations and the wonderful times. Somehow it makes us who we are, and we are stronger for it (hopefully). I wish you all the best for 2014 and hope it is full of serendipitous moments.

    1. Serendipitous moments. I am always on the lookout for them. When I was a child, my life was constant change. Who knew all that preparation would come in so handy for adulthood? At this time in my life I can welcome change, even affect it sometimes, and I’m so very glad to have the chance to share the experience with dear souls like you.

  5. Great thoughts you are sharing. Interaction and connections are never easy, it can give a lot back, and it can be the opposite. I often think I stand strong on my own, so hard to hear the “click” when i meat new people, but when it does, it really is something. Rare but so worth it:) Happy new year!

  6. Trust, disappointment and connections are part of the journey interspersed by the odd written burst of clarity (I love that phrase). And if we keep exploring, we find ourselves in interesting places with fascinating people. Good post and that photo is special.

  7. Well, yours is likely the most productive approach of all options. Sometimes a positive attitude makes all of the difference. Happy New Year!

    1. Same to you Michelle. You are a blogger who knows the power of words and who gets them oh-so-right much more often than you realize. You frequently write to the tune of the crazy medley in my head. All the best to you now and always.

  8. Growing up an Air Force “brat,” you might say the theme of my childhood is “people move on.” It’s disappointing, of course, but something I’ve had to learn to deal with at an early age. I sometimes wonder if that’s why I gravitate toward people online. No matter where they are physically, they never really move on.

    Hope the new year brings you many blessings.

    1. I think learning to deal with disappointment makes us more aware of people we come across who make good friends. You can pick ’em out in a crowd. It’s a skill. Finely honed, it can be a life saver. I hope 2014 brings every good and perfect thing right to your door, Mr. Petruska.

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