Better Late than Never…

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the eff stop

When I first started this blog I began to notice comments from a Honie Briggs. On my second post I was Freshly Pressed and she was among the very first commenters. Sadly, I was not well versed in blogging etiquette at this early stage, so I failed to reply. What an insensitive oaf I was…

I had no idea who or what a Honie was, but the avatar was always smiling nicely. Even after I failed to respond Honie kept showing up, she was always encouraging and thoughtful. Sometimes she was wicked funny, sometimes our comment threads had more words than my blog posts. As soon as I came to understand the Reader, hers was one of the first blogs I followed and we continued the conversation back and forth.

From Steph’s (Honie’s) blog I have learned so much about writing – about voice, and pacing and rhythm. Whether…

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3 thoughts on “Better Late than Never…

    1. Hugs backatcha. I didn’t even know your comment was sitting here all this time. I think something is wrong with the notifier. I’m discovering many comments I haven’t replied to. I don’t usually go back to old posts, but I was searching for broken links to blogs that no longer exist. See ya.

      1. lol – Yes it’s annoying isn’t it? I think the gremlins keep tweaking the system. Some days I can’t load my comments at all. Other days they come through just fine. 😦

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