Invisible Man

copyright - Adam Ickes
copyright – Adam Ickes

He stands naked against the backdrop of history, prepared to take what’s coming to him. The law is on his side. That alone gives him courage enough to admit his mistakes. The road ahead, rough terrain no doubt, looks better than what he left behind. Battles won and lost. Lives, deaths, innumerable seasons given to pride. Is there anything more damaging than pride, he wonders. His eyes are stinging, but no one knows. No one sees the invisible man who walks a million miles carrying the burden of a million crimes and whispers to himself, “Feet don’t fail me now.”

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24 thoughts on “Invisible Man

    1. Yep, I’ve heard it too, but can’t place the saying. Maybe a comedy bit in an old movie. Seemed fitting for this story. There are probably many of us who have felt invisible and burdened from time to time. That’s all part of being human, isn’t it?

  1. A very intriguing, philosophical piece, with nice gravitas in only 100 words. Your message not endorsing the Ads is a good idea. The Ads have just about pushed me to other blogging platforms.

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