Blogger We Barely Knew Ye

Joy, excitement, hilarity, absurdity, outrage, of the many shades of expression, there is none more commonly shared by bloggers than the rant; even unintentional ones. Sometimes a post takes on a life of its own through the comments of readers and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a full-blown rant-a-palooza. Bloggers who can incite a riot and create a diversion are some of my favorites.

Of course, bloggers who make us laugh out loud top my list of must reads. Others simply make us smile knowingly. They say the very thing we are thinking or capture nature in all her splendor with exemplary skill. They show us the shadow and light our souls crave. The fleeting moments their art reveals bring us to our knees. We are humbled by whispers of angels, “Sleep well until tomorrow,” they seem to say across the cloud swept vista as the sun slips silently to the other side of the world where a brand new day is about to begin.


My heart has been touched by friends I have made through this blog. It has been my privilege to get to know those of you who stop by regularly, and though some days my posts are pedestrian, my frustrations all too common, I think this blogging thing has improved my writing. Some days when I can’t find the words, I think about chucking it all. On those days, I am reminded that we all laugh and cry, complain, console, and rant. I am reminded that each of us, for better or worse, experiences life on our own terms, or if we don’t, we should. There will always be someone who says it better, someone who makes me wish I were a better writer, of this I am certain. Bloggers are dependable like that.

The anniversary of is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am starting to think about how to celebrate as I begin my third year on WP. I thought about hosting a progressive post party, you know, like a progressive dinner party only with posts written by followers about what you enjoy most about Then I thought maybe that would seem conceited. Last year I celebrated my followers with the video montage recycled at the top of this post, you know, because I love them so much. Followers, not video montages. Now though, there are over a thousand of you, and I don’t have that kind of time. Plus, I don’t believe all of you are human so…

Got ideas? Tell me what you think.


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39 thoughts on “Blogger We Barely Knew Ye

  1. Well I can tell you here and now that I love your wit, your humor, your no-nonsense approach to life and writing. I love your ambitious, hard-working nature—and your take-no-BS attitude. I love that in a person, and it’s a rare find. I love how all that shines in your writing, whether you’re ranting or being creative or simply addressing an issue.

    And don’t get me started on your flash fiction. SO GOOD.

    I’m just happy to have known you on WP, and can’t believe it’s three years already! *Raises a toast* And may there be many more to come!! (As long as you’re up for it, of course!)

    1. First, it is embarrassing that I did not respond to your very gracious comment before today, Hala J. I must say, it is quite a compliment that you have continued to read this blog for so long. Thank you. I always like to see when you have made a dash through several posts. Sometimes the comment notifications don’t show up. Second, How goes it in the world of job seeking? Find your dream employer yet?

      1. Hey, it’s no problem! One time Clown on Fire dropped by my blog and it was amazing, considering he’s no small pickins in the blogging world, and it took me two months to reply. Because I’m awesome and timely that way.

        It’s a testament to your prowess as a writer and personality that I like your blog so much. You’re actually one of the people who inspired me to write more creatively, which is amazing because I’ve been trying to push myself to do it for years. In fact, at long last, I finally published my first flash fiction on my blog a few days ago. I would honestly love your feedback!

        As for jobs–still a damned waiting game. It’ll come soon enough, just gotta be patient. For the most part, I’m spending my time going to the gym and writing more and even drawing. As long as I’m unemployed, I might as well do a little self-improvement, right?

  2. I like the idea of a progressive party! Why not? I don’t think it is conceited at all. You are most certainly fall into the category of ‘making us smile knowingly’ more often than not, of course at times you make us laugh out loud as well. There are times you rant, but it is worthy and worthwhile.

    Three years? This is a milestone worth a celebration and I am more than certain a party in the form of progressive blog hopping would be well attended.

  3. Damn it. You’ve discovered that I am nothing more than a robot spewing out tales of fate and bacon and the number fourteen. What gave it away? Was it a glitch in my program@WSXZ)ing?

    Oops. Question answered…

  4. Three years, Honie! That’s awesome. I hope I’m still here in three years. That’s quite an accomplishment. If you do it for you, then you’re blogging for the right reasons. I wish I had ideas. If I think of anything, I’ll let you know.

    1. I see no one is taking me up on the progressive post party…HA! I do write for me. It truly has been effective therapy. I don’t stress about blogging. I find it to be one of the easiest things to do when I start over thinking.

      1. I can be progressive, Honie! What are the details. Fill me in!! I stress sometimes. The only thing I stress about is sometimes I don’t spend enough time writing fiction…I get easily distracted.

        1. I’m often driven to distraction. Luckily I know a short cut back! Have you ever gone to a progressive dinner party? One neighbor serves drinks and hors d’oeuvres, at the next house it might be drinks and bbq, at the next drinks and dessert…a good time is had by all. By the end of the evening the neighbors are pretty well lit! I was thinking of something like that.

  5. Hi Honie. Congrats on reaching three years on WP. I have just pinched myself hard and I squealed, so I must be real. Have enjoyed getting to know a little about you through your posts and your fiction (your stories, not your posts). Maybe throw a cyber party where we all bring cake and champagne. I am sure you will come up with something special. Congrats again.

    1. It’s only the beginning of year three. I started in 2011 so it’s a second anniversary, but still, something I had no idea I would still be doing, and certainly not with 982 bot followers! That’s really something.

  6. Wow, Honie that montage is something and I’m honored to be in it. You SHOULD be an IT tech. How did I not see this last year? Anyway congrats on your upcoming anniversary. That’s a big one. Though we’ve not visited in awhile, I still think you’re funny,great and all those nice adjectives you used above to describe bloggers. Whatever you come up with, I’m sure it will be in grand “Honie” style. Xo

  7. Since the invasion of the bots it’s a lot tougher to pull off a montage – who knows who is real? Am I real? Are you real? Congrats on the milestone – and on keeping it real.

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