Talk On The Street

copyright - Kent Bonham
copyright – Kent Bonham

When she was young, life seemed a fantasy. Folk songs and lullabies floating overhead promised peaceful slumber, but her days were numbered. Years rolled past. Fast. Half-hearted sentiment, money too often spent on drink pushed her beyond the brink of falling prey to all manner of lies. Still, prayers winged toward hopeful skies. Exploitation led to her demise once there was nowhere left to sink. She had no strength, no will to battle desperate days stretching into silent nights. No comfort came and the world walked all over her as she bathed in light without a penny to her name.

Straight from the back alley, this week’s Friday Fictioneers are here.


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21 thoughts on “Talk On The Street

  1. Liked the lyrical quality of this piece-a slice of real life-full of fun and frolic-or so it seemed to this young,irresponsible woman- and then time for payback and how!

  2. Ah. But she had a full life at some point.
    She did it her way. Which is a highly romantic view and actually sentimental rubbish. So let me apologise and say, I hope someone helps her, gives her shelter.
    And yes to your ad disclaimer. I will add to my blog forthwith!

    1. Thank you. Here’s the thing about the ads, I pay for my URL and several upgrades. It irritates me when I see crap added to my blog that I do not support. For all the talk about “free” blogs…oh wait, I’m not going down that dark alley… 🙂 Painting a picture, that’s what it’s all about here at HonieBriggsDotCom.

    1. “She was a one-way street leading to some place exciting. Dangerous and a bit tricky around the curves.” – The Everyman
      Sure, Janet. Just about anything can be compared to a woman, right? 🙂

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