Angie’s Claim To Fame

Copyright - Sandra Crook
Copyright – Sandra Crook

She couldn’t put her finger on exactly how she had done it. Being famous hadn’t been her goal. It certainly hadn’t occurred to her that things would turn out like they did. Angie had dreams, big dreams, but no one else believed in them. She heard the same thing over and over all of her life.

“Give up these ridiculous dreams of yours, Angie. You couldn’t do that even if you were the last person on earth.”

The words cut. They cut like a jagged machete. It cost her everything she had, but she showed them. She showed them all!


Friday Fictioneers are writers who critique and support each other. Each week someone provides a photo prompt posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and we endeavor to make every word count with a 100 word story. Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always entertaining. Check out more here.

26 thoughts on “Angie’s Claim To Fame

  1. Perfect for the upcoming Dia de la Muerte holiday. I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and am glad for all the comments affirming that I really did get it… thankfully not from Angie.

  2. I’m glad she stuck with it, and found success in the end.
    Good thing my grandchildren aren’t here–they’d be yelling, “Punch buggy,” as soon as they saw your header photo.

    1. Dear Doug,
      She’s no angel. I hope you’re not disappointed…there is no back story. You and Rochelle do such a marvelous job placing your fictional stories in historical context, I just fly by the seat of my pants and see where it takes me. Sometimes I end up flat on my fanny.

      Happy Landings,

  3. Dear Honie,

    Okay, as always, you captivated me with your clear and concise writing. However I’m left scratching my head. What did she show them? What dream did she aspire to? Angie who?



    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Angie is fictional; the last person on earth. She doesn’t know the difference between dreams and ambition. Non-specific goals left her dissatisfied, drove her to desperation. I suppose she didn’t end up showing anyone anything except the edge of that jagged machete.

      Coulda Called Her Lucy, (Lizzy Borden’s sister?) 😉

    1. I thought I would try my hand at the gruesome this week since there have been some that caught me by surprise on the last few prompts. Just so happens an ad for Angie’s List came up when I logged in this afternoon. HA!

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