An Open Letter To Non-Essentials Pretending To Be Leaders

Dear Master Debaters,

So, you’ve dug in your heels and no amount of reason can convince you to work together. Lines are drawn for your pissing contest and each of you has a stick at the ready to wallop anyone who takes a step toward doing their job. Well, I have news for you fellas; you have all crossed the line. You have failed miserably at the job for which we elected you and your mere existence now breeds extraordinary contempt from your constituents. In case it has become unclear to you, all American citizens are your constituents; no matter which side of the aisle you have parked your ego.

Obviously, you have more power than you are capable of managing responsibly. A few of you may see the writing on the wall and decide to do your jobs, but do not congratulate yourselves. You are pathetic excuses for leadership. We are ashamed of you. Yes, all of you. You are a collective embarrassment. You have perpetrated a legitimate rape on the American public. In case it is unclear to you what that is, ask a colleague.

Make no mistake, the voting public knows. We also know that we can remedy the situation in the next election cycle. However, this hardly seems a comfort since the population from which we choose our leaders has been dumbed down to the point that many citizens have no expectation of better representation and have decided not to participate in the process. In case that fact makes you confident, stay complacent and see how that works out for you.

Political party symbolism notwithstanding, the American public is experiencing taxation without representation. Not by the tyranny of a church state, but by an apathetic, bloated, self-righteous nation-state. We must not be silenced by fear mongers, political correctness, or being labeled unpatriotic for voicing our disgust at the ineptitude of the American government. We demand you represent our best interests or forfeit your unmerited salaries, your world-class healthcare, and your keys to the washroom. In case you think we are fooled, we know what you’ve been doing in there.


Actively Seeking Your Replacements

13 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Non-Essentials Pretending To Be Leaders

  1. I really think the key to making it work better is having the voters take a more interested and active role though how to do that I have no idea. Accountability is becoming a lost art. In addition, your system of government devolves power so much that it sets up these types of confrontations. It’s not a long stretch to see that politician who believe passionately about extending health care to the needy or trying to slow down runaway government spending would both say enough is enough and dig in their heels. They could each argue they would be irresponsible to do otherwise since they have compromised to no avail in the past. I read a fascinating article today that argues your government working better than it appears. It’s a different perspective.

    1. It was good in theory.
      Lyle, you’re right, accountability is one of those words that seem to have gone the way of the dodo. I prefer a system which encourages self-government, but that too seems extinct. Even simple issues become complicated when people are afraid to talk openly about the real interests of those affected by these decisions. People who pay taxes don’t think it’s fair that their income is taken to subsidize the choices of others. People who rely on public services don’t think it’s fair that they have limited choices, when they have choices at all. (see Texas legislature agenda for more detail.) Almost everyone can agree that elected officials who abuse power are worthless. (see Texas governor and governor lite.) There are answers. We just aren’t asking the right questions.

  2. We need more people like you running for office, Honie. The people that should be in there are reluctant to enter the rat race and understandably so. Unfortunately though, we then end up with the power hungry and those pushing their own agendas at the expense of their constituents.

    1. Oh, Carrie I cannot imagine running for office. There are so many other opportunities to accomplish things that matter. Thinking people, real leaders, are all around us doing important work every day that congress couldn’t do with an unlimited budget. I say we give each of our elected elite a bus pass and a voucher for a free colonoscopy at a public health clinic of their choice. Valid only on their birthday, of course. It’s the least we can do to show how much we appreciate their service.

      1. Plus, I would be like Jesse Ventura when he was the governor of Minnesota. No meetings with lobbyists. EVER. I probably wouldn’t ask Howard Stern to be my running mate for prez. No offense Howard. I would just NEVER run for prez.

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