Seventh Grade Is Hard

Copyright – Rich Voza
Copyright – Rich Voza

In keeping with Rochelle’s theme of the doorway to puberty, here is my unhinged offering for this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge. 


Sam’s mom made chicken biscuits for breakfast. Sam sat at the kitchen table savoring every bite while he waited for the school bus. Something was on his mind.

“Mom, do you think I could take chicken biscuits to school for everyone in my homeroom this Friday?”

“What’s the occasion?”

“I was thinking, if I walked through the door with delicious chicken biscuits for everyone, maybe someone would talk to me. Do you think that’s a nice thing to do?”

Sam’s mom felt her heart break.

“It’s a beautiful thing to do, Sam.”

She smiled at Sam and thought, uncommonly beautiful.


Also, if you are interested, I recently traveled to NY and wrote a follow-up post inspired by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers story about Emma Lazarus. Check it out here.

37 thoughts on “Seventh Grade Is Hard

  1. When I saw “Seventh Grade,” I immediately thought of locker doors and finding the right one. I hope the biscuits do the trick, Sam sounds like a kind-hearted kid.

  2. Dear Honie,

    Do you have a clue what a good writer you are? I’m guessing yes. This was top three so far this week. I almost cried but stopped so that I could type without the blur. I wanted to reach out and hug Sam. (And you.) Well done.



    1. Dear Doug,

      From your lips to Simon & Schuster’s ears. If only I did. My second book languishes in edit because I don’t have a clue how to piece it back together from all of my re-writing (a.k.a. second guessing). 50,000 words here, 40,000 there. This story, as all of my stories, was straight from the heart. Your comments encourage me to take the process 100 words at a time. Thank you.

      Clueless In Cow Town,

  3. Dear Honie,

    It’s an honor to share my theme with you. Very well-written story that brings tears to my eyes. You made me feel Sam’s incredible loneliness without overstating it. I think if Jolene hadn’t been so caught up in her own issues she and Sam could’ve been friends. Once more, my hat’s off to you as I bow in the presence of your writing skill.



    1. Rochelle,

      Yes, poor Jolene, ironing her hair while Sam struggled in the doorway with those chicken biscuits… That’s always the way, isn’t it? So clear from the outside looking in.

      Grateful For Your High Praise,

    1. I knew a boy in school who was shy. He was adorable. I sat next to him and we became friends, but he became popular and was swept into the “in” crowd. I created a character in Summoning the Strength specifically about that friendship. Shy can be cool.

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