Child’s Play


Held closely are those truths we know. The truths all humans know from birth. Truths not passed down from generation to generation, but ingrained in each of us by some supernatural force. Truths such as, if we cry and there is no one around to hear it, we should cry louder. Cleanliness is next to impossible until we learn to use the potty. Feed us for a day, we will expect it again tomorrow. Teach us to feed ourselves, you can expect not to be bothered for at least an hour.


We hold these truths to be self-evident that even though we have our differences, we all eat and go potty. So, why is it that in a time of abundance of both food and knowledge about sanitation we still beat the hell out of each other? There are warehouses filled with food and water that will be there long after we have polluted every square mile of land and every body of water on the planet. Who really needs to fight over food anymore? If it’s a matter of distribution there is a surplus of vehicles able to transport any thing any where it needs to go. Well, provided there is fuel available. Oh, there’s the rub, isn’t it?

Is that really what all the fighting is about?


Floods and fires and tornadoes combined do not have the capacity for destruction that humans seem to be determined to inflict upon each other for the sake of resources. Food, fuel, land, this is not a new conflict.  Where is the largest store of resources to exploit? Which side can get there first? Who has the largest arsenal of the most powerful means to obliterate humanity? What constitutes the meanest, most aggressive posture we take before someone loses an eye? Must we claim an eye for an eye once it is lost?



Stop it! Stop it right now! You boys put down those weapons of mass destruction and go wash up for dinner! Your mothers are ashamed of your behavior. Your sisters are exhausted from all the work you have created for them with your mess making. Children cannot possibly grow up to do any better if you don’t give them a better example to live up to. What is wrong with you people? Has all that eye for an eye made all of you blind?


We demand you stop this foolishness. We don’t want to hear any excuses. Just stop fighting and clean up the messes you have made. Right now!


Is this oversimplified? Could it be that easy? Wouldn’t it be great if it were?

I reserve the right to be wrong.


5 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. There you go being all lyrical again! I loved the rhythm of this and the photos make a great set. Well done! My mom used to make us all stay in one room until we were ready to get along. It mostly worked, eventually.

    1. Exactly, we could make some sandwiches, play horseshoes, drag out the old ice cream freezer. Later, Fred and Barney could build a nice fire…but NOOOOO, they want to go around shooting up the place.

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