Pre Destination

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I had that dream again, the one where I am rowing down a stream, laughing. I don’t understand some parts of it. I mean, what could it possibly be worth to collect more shells? Won’t I be able to keep my memories or will I be like the others, left with only vague impressions? Will they be surprised that there are two of us this time? I wonder these things now that it is getting close to my next birth day. I can hear heartbeats. It’s almost time to go! I’m ready. I hope it will be another good one.




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23 thoughts on “Pre Destination

  1. Very intriguing and mysterious – I read it several times to be sure I has it and it was worth it. Great use of the prompt. Our memories are what make us unique. This box could represent an entire life…or one just beginning.

  2. This is a great take on the prompt Honie.I had a dream where I was walking upstream against the current. Something to do with my marriage ending.

  3. Dear Honie,

    This is so very good that I am in that zone a good story slams me into. The one where I can only shake my head and say, i wish I’d written that. Wished I’d saved this story for last. I envy and admire you.

    The heartbeats. And twins! I want to cry. Once of the best FF stories ever.



  4. Dear Honie,

    Suffice it to say I enjoyed your masterpiece. You’ve never disappointed me with your stellar writing. Anything more I might say will only take away from this beautiful story.



      1. I’ve forgotten the entire dream sequence. Maybe that’s hysteria not laughter?…easy to confuse.
        Didn’t you have that annoying relative that always told you there had to be bad times so you would appreciate the good ones… know, the one your mom screamed at you it was not nice to kick people in the shins and rudely tell her “I’m sick of the bad – too much. Make it stop if you’ve got a perky direct line to God.”?
        Dreams are fluid, hope the laughing is because you’ve spotted something nice up ahead through the fog?

        1. Too funny. We all have those relatives, don’t we? The one who drives a Volkswagen van and chain smokes. Who comes to visit and makes you have to sleep on the sofa. The one who tells you that you are being punished for all the things you did wrong in a past life.

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