New Note To Self: Pivot!

Copyright: ReneeHeath
Copyright: ReneeHeath

Define the day

with a single thought

the moment has arrived


Energize that thought

with a single motion

now is the time


Create capacity

with a single decision

power through another hour


Purpose that decision

with a  single choice

trust yourself this time


Signal ahead

the value of that powerful choice

with a voice that shouts


All day long that word, pivot, marched around inside her head. It had been an odd year. Life is the same; with the same responsibilities, the same compulsions. It’s she who’s changing. Turning. Regaining some ground she lost, perhaps.


I want to share that this isn’t technically fiction. It could be anyone’s story, it just happens to be mine. This prompt was a bit of a challenge. So, I let it sink in throughout the day and this is what a 105 degree day did for my creativity. Poetry melted into prose. I have had a very unusual vibe lately. More on that later. For now, you can find other Friday Fictioneers HERE. Thanks for reading/commenting.

55 thoughts on “New Note To Self: Pivot!

  1. I like how the poetry melted into prose. It did have kind of a languid feel to it when I got to the prose. It was a nice contrast from the pivoting! 105, wow that’s hot. I’m really enjoying your poetry.

  2. Dear Honie,

    You are a breath, nay, a gale of fresh air blowing though the FF landscape and with this story, you have bench pressed that Hummer. Good job.



    1. Dear Doug,

      I’m blown away by your remarks. How very kind of you to take the time to say such nice things to a stranger. If you ever need help moving a refrigerator, you can count on me.

      Sincerely Steroid Free,

      1. Dear Honie,

        You will find that I value and appreciate really good writing and when I read it, I try to make sure there is no mistake as to what I am thinking. You deserved every word of what I wrote. I try to read your work every time you post, so don’t think nobody’s watching. I’ll call when I need the refrigerator moved.



  3. Again we are of similar minds Honie, in that I went a personal route as well! I beg you not to see our similar thinking as an insult to your intellect 😉

  4. You and I both are sharing a very strange place, don’t know whether it is the heat or simply something in the air overall. I liked what you did with the word, it is overall transcending and thoughtful.

  5. Well I will likely take your beautiful effort and corrupt it, but whenever I think of PIVOT, I see Ross from friends when they were trying to get a sofa into his apartment.

    1. HILARIOUS! Not corrupt at all, Joe. I was thinking of crop circles in the corn fields of Illinois. Ever seen the irrigation pivots? Pivot means different things to different people. Such a common word. We forget something so simple can give us a whole new perspective. The word bugged me all day until I gave it a purpose.

  6. Honie, first of all, no matter the style, poetry or prose, fiction or non, you shared some powerful ideas and gave us a glimpse into a number of useful thoughts…and did it all with beauty and panache. I like the combination of poetry and prose, as that break delineates to me the change from her thoughts to an explanation. Very good!


    1. Janet,
      Your comment is empowering. I was just going into class to take a final exam when I checked my phone and saw the email with your comment. It made smile and put a spring in my step. I killed the exam, by the way. THANKS!

  7. Is that how hot it was yesterday? Even under the canopy of the outdoor swing the heat just wrapped itself around every ounce of my being. “Pivot” is a good reminder to put one foot in front, to the side, behind the other and maybe just change up things.

    1. Yes, Lady. It is hot, hot, hot. No refuge even in shade from the power of the big hair dryer that is Texas heat. Lay low and stay cool. That’s what I’m gonna do anyway. Thanks so much for the comment. We do need to be reminded to change things up now and then.

  8. Dear Honie,

    This one struck a nerve for me. A pretty apt description of some things going on in my life. How did you know? I’m going to read this a few more times before moving on.



    1. Dear Rochelle,

      It struck a nerve with me too. The word pivot would not leave my thoughts all day until I gave it release here. I have lots of this kind of action going on just now in my life. The past few years have been personally challenging for several reasons. All of which are common, loss and change that disrupts our lives from time to time. The kind that makes us stronger, I suppose. Some day I will bench press a Hummer! The healthiest way I have found to cope is through writing and I hope you know what a tremendous help your challenges have been to me. I started blogging to process grief and all the emotions that go along with it. So, even though I didn’t know…I know. 🙂

      Kind Regards,

  9. Your poetry is so powerful, with each thought followed by a “Pivot,” which certainly reflects the sudden and rapid changes of real life. I was intrigued by the way poetry slid into prose, and I liked that very much. But I wonder if it would be even more powerful to write those same thoughts in the cadence of the poem, continuing with the “Pivot”–just a thought!

    1. I appreciate your comment. My writing does tend to slide around a bit between poetry and prose. Even my serious writing has that quality. I’ve had to pay attention not to do that in papers for school. Edits! Oh, how I love them. 🙂
      Hmmm. I thought about your suggestion. Could probably have kept it going, but I really needed to hit publish so I could pivot to something else. 🙂

    1. I really, really enjoyed your take on the prompt. Any given day, that would have been my take too. Especially since I’ve gone back to school. Young women dressed like they’re going to a cocktail party everywhere!!

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