It’s A Cloud’s Life

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
Content to hover blissful there
Cradled by unblemished air
Loafing lazily sublime
Rising higher I did climb
Farther from the world below
Unknowing shortly I would go
To dwell with mortals day and night
Give up my home and join their fight
Endure the judgment of their tribe
Forced to work and not imbibe
Measured by their shallow stock
Seized inside behind a lock
Plunging down on rolling thunder
Frozen fate or blizzard blunder
Mother Nature’s fortune drops
Giving life to clan and crops
Polluted poisoned wicked waters
Fosters fate of sons and daughters
Evaporation’s upward tide  
Hydrologic cycle ride
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22 thoughts on “It’s A Cloud’s Life

  1. Loafing lazily sublime… Loved this.

    Really enjoyed your taken on the prompt. I floated along with your words so seamlessly.

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