Mi Bicicleta Es Azul

Copyright -Anelephantcant
Copyright -Anelephantcant

Sam and Maria decided that after graduation they want to do great things in the world together. Maria already teaches English as a second language at the community center. Sam admires Maria and wants to volunteer too, but he doesn’t speak Spanish. Maria suggests a software program to help Sam learn the basics.

When they meet for lunch, Maria asks how the Spanish course is going.

“It’s been an entire week and all I can say is my bicycle is blue.

“Sam, your bicycle isn’t blue.”

“So, you see my problem.”

“Yes, you should keep studying.”

“Or paint my bike.”


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49 thoughts on “Mi Bicicleta Es Azul

  1. Very funny! Reminds me of high school French classes, when we learned such classics as “Ou est la bibliotheque?” and the useful “Ou est la salle du bain?”

    1. Two very useful pieces of info, as every smart woman knows, the location of the library and the bathroom. Odd how there is almost always a line at one and not the other. Thanks!

  2. Hahahahahaha! ¡Que comica! Gracias que compartaste esta historia con nosotros.
    (How comical! Thanks that you shared this story with us!)

    Funny story, Honie! Spanish is easy once you get the hang of it … and I learned at 40!

    Again, a very funny and enjoyable read!

    1. Exactly, lesson one: cerveza por favor. Of course, he could have been thinking he might need to describe his bike to someone just in case he had one too many. That Sam, always thinking ahead.

  3. Thanks for the smile. Love this. Wish all obstacles could be overturned so easily. Or, maybe they can??

  4. I can sympathise whole-heartedly. I’ve always made a point of learning the language of the country in which we were living, and just so glad we never lived in China. 😦 Poor Sam, there’s a long way to go yet. Nice one Honie.

    1. I can totally relate. Spanish is such a beautiful language. I need a full immersion program. The software route was not for me. Spanish speaking students amaze me. English grammar and punctuation can be confusing, even as a first language, and it’s truly humbling to see how hard they work hard to learn it. I should be such a student!

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