Social Reform Through Script Reform – Easy As ABC

There is a solution to the problem Americans seem to have with the use of certain words. The solution? Script reform. They’ve done it in Japan and Turkey. So, why not in the good ol’ U S of A? Yes, script reform would eliminate offensive words by removing all objectionable letters from our alphabet.

In short order, Americans could be free from nastiness and nonsense caused by the letter N. Additionally, the A word, the B word, C word, and F word would no longer plague our written or spoken language. How to eliminate thoughts of the offensive words would come later. (Possibly developed in Texas.)

Oh, never again having to endure abortions or botched boob jobs. (A win/win for Texas!) Just think of it, cold and flu season would never come around once “C” and “F” were banned. Yes, script reform is the answer. Banning offensive words will solve our problems and make life better for everyone.

Sound stupid? That’s because it is. 

Allowing ourselves to be distracted by stupid stuff is how industries are sliced right under our noses. It’s how customer service for banking and telecommunications was raffled off to the lowest bidder. It’s how buying and selling debt has replaced a free market of goods and services within our borders. Fear mongers have perfected the art of creating distractions with stupid stuff so we won’t notice what is really happening. It’s easy as A B C.

For instance, policy makers don’t want us to see that a genetically modified diet creates genetically modified bodies. Avert your eyes to sick care as big business and prisons as a booming cottage industry. None of which are viable for the future, but who does it hurt really? No, I do NOT believe there is a conspiracy, only complacency.

What’s it going to take for effective leaders to emerge? What’s it going to take to stop old wounds from being reopened? What’s it going to take to piece together our fragmented society and move us toward freedom from fear mongering as a means of control?

Certainly the answer is not script reform. The in-fighting among legislators over language hasn’t solved our problems. Viagra maybe? No wait, that enlarges problems. We have enough legislation to choke a horse. What has that gotten us? Dead horses.

They’re dead already! For God’s sake STOP BEATING THEM!

Instead of selling ourselves to the lowest bidder, why not recognize our value? Instead of perpetuating a destructive cycle of poverty and imprisonment, why not rethink business as usual? Instead of behaving as entitled, why not behave as the world leaders we say we are? Instead of being America – the chop shop, why not find common ground before our country is renamed New China?

These are questions that should be debated. Instead our elected officials choose to keep dragging out issues that have already been addressed. A woman’s right to choose and a woman’s right to privacy have already been established. Why try to rewrite history when the future is waiting? Maybe it’s because the future doesn’t look so good. It needs more than lipstick and mascara to attract interest. The future needs thoughtful partners. The future needs intellect and imagination. The future needs inspiration and innovation. The future needs to be valued and respected. Instead we’ve placed the future in shackles. The future, already bruised enough by the past, is frightened, paralyzed, cringing in the shadows, wondering if there is anyone willing to stop the abuse and heal the wounds. Anyone able to lead the way to liberty and prosperity.

If we truly want to reduce welfare rolls, improve public education, prevent drug abuse, stop sexual abuse, child abuse, and abuses of power by elected officials, if we want to live in a society that encourages the growth of healthy, productive citizens, there needs to be a demand for answers. If we don’t demand answers, we won’t get them and if our elected leaders don’t have them, then we need different leaders.

If you are so inclined to exercise your freedom of choice, Tweet #ENOUGH to @GovernorPerry AND @TeamRickPerry AND @TexGov or a legislator of your choice. 

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25 thoughts on “Social Reform Through Script Reform – Easy As ABC

  1. Oh, you liberals…. always claiming the world would be a better place if people would just smarten the fuck up and get involved. 😐

    I was reading a blog post (or maybe it was a comment) bemoaning how our legislators don’t take The Bad Guys to account. See, apparently it’s their job or something. But there’s a famous old quote about people getting the government they deserve. Those Bad Guys put a lot more money in the legislators’ pockets than the constituents do. We need to be extra-involved to break that connection. (If we can… I suspect it will take government legal reform to truly accomplish it… got to break the money cycle in D.C.!)

    1. Oh, it is not dream. It is a big fat dose of reality. Jacquielynn Floyd, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News, always seems to have a take on the news of the day similar to mine. According to her article today, there is a growing number of people, of various political persuasion, fed up with these bullying tactics. I think it’s time the circus left town.

  2. You had me at “Sound stupid? That’s because it is. ” I agree that complacency not conspiracy is the root of our destructive nature. It amazes me at how we so easily agree to things that we know are wrong. I also agree that we need to stop arguing over rights established. How did we become a society that polices anything considered “different”? We “allow” people to marry, we “allow” people to take care of their own bodies, we “allow” our elected politicians to start wars. Where do we get off needing approval to be happy and healthy? Complacency is a nasty word. Let’s get rid of it. 😉

  3. “…if our elected leaders don’t have them, then we need different leaders.”


    I don’t tweet, but if I did, it would be about that elected “leader” who said “In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits that the woman, she’ll get cleaned out…” Someone voted for her? Enough someones that she was elected? She really thinks a rape kit is anything other than to gather evidence (and then be lost in a file room, somewhere)? Someone voted for her? Though, since I have nothing to do with twitter, I call it twit rather than tweet, and in this case, well… seems rather appropriate.

    1. There truly is no accounting for some people’s ignorance. Sex education might have helped that misinformed “leader”. If we are ever invaded by aliens from outer space and they say, “take me to your leader” I have a feeling they will laugh themselves back to the galaxy from whence they came. Just think of it, we will be the laughing stock of the universe! 😉

      1. I wouldn’t mind taking them to Wendy Davis. They can return to their planet wearing watermelon colored running shoes, saying that these shoes alone would solve all their problems. Why else would so many articles lead with that tidbit? 😉

        And yes… I would seriously consider getting them, in support of her. From this Yankee’s view, she did Texas, and all women, proud. I bet Ann Richards was watching from above, and kicking up her own heels.

        1. No doubt. I was thinking of Gov. Richards this morning wondering what she would have made of this. We just have to do what Kipling said and keep our heads about us when everyone around us is losing theirs.

  4. Honie, I knew Arizona wouldn’t be any better than Utah when I moved here, but you are describing what is is happening in both states as happening in Texas, too. Is there anywhere it is better, a bit more sane and focused on reality?

    1. Wisconsin perhaps. You never hear any of this crap going on there. Maybe there’s a philanthropic group out there that will be open to rebuilding the states after the Pepsi Center Peace Accords are signed. Can’t you just imagine a Viagra/Red Bull consortium for the betterment of humanity, an NFL/MLB Institute of Alternative Ball Management? Yes, the future is full of possibilities.

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