Enough Is Enough


This morning I read in the Dallas Morning News about Senator Wendy Davis, the courageous woman standing up to the ludicrous efforts of Rick Perry and his ilk to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and the hard-fought and hard-won Supreme Court decision in the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade.

1973 folks! That’s FORTY years!

To Sen. Eddie Lucio of Brownsville, who according the Dallas Morning News “…decried the tens of millions of abortions performed since the Supreme Court legalized the procedure in 1973,” I’d like to pose these questions:

In the last forty years, tens of millions of abortions? Tens of millions? Really? This number comes from where exactly? Was the right to privacy afforded to women who choose to have an abortion violated in order to obtain that number?

But since you mention it, what this number tells us is that women in the TENS OF MILLIONS are being impregnated and that for medical reasons, personal reasons such as lack of financial resources to support another human being without public assistance, because a legitimate criminal act was committed by a man (because only a man has the power to impregnate a woman) TENS OF MILLIONS OF WOMEN have found themselves in need of a safe, legal medical procedure.

I’d rethink using that TENS OF MILLIONS statistic if I were you Mr. Lucio.

To Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, who is quoted in the article as saying, “today’s debate is about protecting the health of women AND their babies,” these questions:

Really, Mr. Dewhurst? Isn’t the debate about protecting nothing more than man’s dominance of women? Isn’t the debate about limiting a woman’s choices when faced with raising a child because impregnators (still talking about men here) have the choice of not feeding, sheltering, clothing, educating or otherwise providing for the health and welfare of babies? Since you hold a high office in the state, you probably know the answers to these questions. How many babies live in poverty in Texas? How many women in Texas live every day in fear? Fear for their lives and the safety of their children? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? How many in your country? Tens of millions perhaps?

It might be a good idea to get a handle on just how many women and babies live and breathe in poverty in your state and perhaps your country before claiming to protect women and babies. It also might be a good idea to determine how much tax revenue needs to be generated in order to provide “protection” for women and babies. If you find your concern for protecting women and babies weighs on you too heavily, you may want rethink holding such a high office and perhaps make it your personal mission in life to eliminate poverty for women and babies.

To Gov. Perry, there is not an answer sufficient for what you think you are doing. So, I won’t even ask. I’ll just say, enough is enough.

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29 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough

  1. I’m beginning to believe that the complexity (and perhaps pace) of modern life is driving some people into needing a kind of very conservative, simplistic, idealized lifestyle. The 50s. But with smart phones and TWIT’r. (The logic that makes that a preposterous desire is sadly inaccessible to the badly under-educated.)

    The growing wave of conservative thinking in this country is truly frightening. Fortunately I’m also beginning to believe the human race will wipe itself out before that becomes a real problem.

  2. Wendy is my new Hero!

    I continue to be constantly amazed at the depth Perry, Dewhurst and the rest of the GOP of Texas will sink in an effort to destroy our state. I am saddened by their deceptions, by their destruction of our State Constitution, by their sociopatic trampling of our laws.

    They do not care, not one whit about women, born babies, children. Not one dribble. What they care about is control. What these fools should be worried about is for every woman reduced to greater poverty, every child born in abject poverty without hope this is another vote against their ‘way of life’. Eventually, they will rise up.

    Pro-Choice is just what it says, the ability to choose. The ability to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    You are also one of my heroes by the way.

  3. I don’t know, Honie… I think that if they are right, and there were TENS OF MILLIONS of abortions, that everyone is really missing the point, and we need to get to the root of this very, very serious problem. The impregnators. Seems to me the answer, the only answer, is to castrate all men! Then… no more abortions! None! Not a one! Voila – problem solved! Makes as much sense as their arguments, no? Sigh.

    1. Not all men. Not my loyal follower or my son or my son-in-law or my brothers or…
      There are always exceptions. Ever read Shirley Jackson’s short story, The Lottery? 😉

  4. “because impregnators (still talking about men here) have the choice of not feeding, sheltering, clothing, educating or otherwise providing for the health and welfare of babies?”
    That, right there, is why the choice should ALWAYS be up to the woman.

    1. exactly. I think one problem is that too many of our legislators are far removed from the people they supposedly serve. Sure, they get their tax write-offs just like everyone, but they don’t know poverty. Everyday poverty, close up and personal. They don’t see the demoralizing effects of illiteracy and domestic violence at a black tie gala.

      Sure, they believe they are benefactors to low income, underprivileged, working poor, single mothers, unemployed, homeless, battered women, high school drops out and they say, poor dears, bless their hearts, it’s so sad. Then it passes. Social service agencies see the same people over and over and over. They see their children and their children’s children. Other than being able to say, ‘oh yes, we give to charity’ most people don’t know what it’s like to spend years caught in a cycle of abuse and neglect.

      There is not one man alive who can possibly understand the helplessness and hopelessness a woman feels when she has put her trust in someone only to have that trust violated. Restricting access to services will not do one thing to break the cycle of poverty in which too many women are trapped because a man doesn’t know how to be a man. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

      I am BY NO MEANS advocating abortion as birth control. Choices do have consequences. What I am saying is that to MANipulate resources to further a personal agenda against people who don’t share your beliefs is wrong. To perpetrate such abuse as a public servant is criminal. That is what is happening here.

  5. First of all THANK YOU for being Pro Choice. Every time I hear a woman stating that abortion should be illegal I wonder if she is in fact missing mentally lacking. Why would you want any government to tell you what you can do with your own body , especially if it threatens your health or ability to provide for yourself? And WHY would any woman put her sisters lifes at risk and continue a streak of oppression towards their own gender?
    Second, I agree those arguments are ill fitted for their pathetic defense of patronizing women. I so often hear an argument in opposition of what I believe and wonder how in the heck that proves their point? They only appear to make my point more valid. Thank goodness for idiocy as it insures an endless stream of laughter out of me.

  6. I watched the last 4 hours of the filibuster, all the way through to when they were presumably doing that bogus vote. Wendy Davis is amazing. Seriously amazing. It’s awful that she basically fought that bill BY HERSELF. Where the hell are the other normal people in the Texas legislature?? Or aren’t there any?? And as for Dewhurst and Perry, I cannot wish enough bad things to happen to them.

      1. I had a very lengthy response to this Honie, but when I realized how long it was. I cut it. I’ll just say: You are not alone here, actually the numbers of those who agree with you are huge and growing. The idiocy of certain narrow minded, wrong thinking individuals and organizations will continue but they are becoming the minority not the majority of things! In the meanwhile, The best bet is to get rid of the “Good Ol boy system” style of government that is currently prevalent in a more than a few places around the country.

        Keep on keeping on! It is about “freedom” and it’s our freedom I’m speaking of as one female to another!!!!!!

        1. Thanks for your comments, Penny. (see lengthy response above) You are right, this is about freedom. Women must present a united front against this MANipulation. I love my husband and son, brothers and father. So, this isn’t a man-hating rant. It is pointing out inconsistencies in representation. Who speaks for women if not women? We must speak up and make sure our voices are heard.

          1. Yes, I agree I actually love the men in my life and those that do make a positive difference. I have never thought of myself as a feminist or an extremist or a male basher. But I am a free independent human being and more to the point, we are the ones that ultimately determine the survival of the species by our nurturing and our own individual choices that we make for ourselves – first! I’m good with speaking up too, Really good with this actually!!!!!!

  7. One great thing about state issues/legislative sessions is you can get there in front of them and tell them what you really think and what you will and will not accept. No political parties involved or needed. People having their say…loudly if necessary. And repeat if necessary in the case of yet another special session. (Dewhurst, dude, we won’t go away.)
    (Unlike DC where nothing a person says or does has any impact against the political machines and big business.)

      1. Can you believe this? Can’t leave well enough alone.
        Hopefully someone with good common sense will rewrite the bill if they feel like they have to do something.
        – keep some parts like having a PA handle meds/anesthesia, having someone with hospital admitting privileges at the closest hospital, and having at least as much life saving equipment as a walk-in emergency clinic. (get rid of the last minute lectures and sonogram – enough stress already)
        All that “underserved area” noise needs to be ended – Houston, Dallas and almost every large city is classified as “underserved” because that is determined by ratio of population to number of doctors and medical facilities available. This is not a rural area issue.
        This is all stupid politics and one group trying to tell another group how to think and act. Diversity means respecting differences, right?
        Part of the problem is that east coast case where fetuses/premature babies were alive and left to die. That’s where much of this bill comes from.
        Thanks stupid Doc and clinic – you made everything worse – and NYC? Why didn’t you monitor as you were supposed to?
        Guess people will be spending their vacation days in Austin.

        1. I believe it. It’s interesting the things people choose to focus on. You are right, it’s the lack of oversight in that clinic which should fall under scrutiny.
          Tell me what I am missing here.
          Perry vetoed legislation that would have banned texting while driving, dismissing the bill as a misguided government effort to “micromanage” the behavior of adult drivers. What is this if not a misguided government effort to “micromanage”? Is it because the adults are women?

  8. You hit the nail on the head – the State of Texas does so little to promote healthy babies (particularly babies with Down Syndrome and other similar conditions) – that it is laughable for that group of Old White Men to say they support the “health of a baby”.

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