Wait Just A Cotton Pickin’ Minute

The Squares of Savannah Georgia
On The Squares of Savannah Georgia

Let me see if I get this straight. Paula Deen has lost an endorsement deal for a ham company owned by a Chinese meat processor because of allegations that she and people in her restaurants have been insensitive or worse to blacks, women and other groups? Since when is insensitivity a reason to publicly throttle a person? How many of us have had insensitive bosses? What kind of lame ass allegation is insensitive or worse? What’s the rest of this story? Where is Paul Harvey when we need him?

What exactly is happening here? Paula Deen has been The Food Network’s cash cow. Who’s in charge over there at Scripps Networks? What kind of stupid ass put this poisonous kerosene on the BBQ? Can Jay Z still say the word not to be spoken?

So, the Chinese meat processor that purchased Smithfield Ham is concerned about racism and sexism and whatever ism bothers those “other groups”? Who are those other groups? Vegetarians? Kosher deli owners? Who? I want to know, who are the other groups? Every group needs to be properly represented, dammit! This is America!

Uninterested in total snack cake domination, China, known for high quality and fair labor practices, set its sights on the beloved Virginia ham. No more shrink-wrap and no more celebrities? Made In China canned hams endorsed by no one? What is the world coming to? What about all of those who rely on celebrity endorsements to decide which processed pig products to serve their family and friends for the holidays? What about those lunch boxes already without Ho Hos? Are they now to be deprived of ham sandwiches too?

This is an outrage! Okay, more like a freakin’ ridiculous and shameful exhibition. Kind of like racism and sexism and “other” isms. What say ye? Shall we ever rise above it?


15 thoughts on “Wait Just A Cotton Pickin’ Minute

  1. Oh, it’s pretty simple. Lacking any real intellectual depth, we thrive on controversy served up by multiple news networks that need content 24×7. They know we lap that shite up like hungry coyotes. Discussion about other people is the lowest form of conversation; discussion of food celebrities is completely off the radar. Who’s Paula Deen?

  2. Tired of it all. Great shot of the fountain!

    Paula Deen should have known better but really let it go already. All that fried food went to her head and leached brain cells away.

  3. The woman is a fraud. So now ( ala Mark’s comments) we have fraudian slips and anti-fraud squads. She deserves it.

  4. I think the whole Paula Deen thing has gotten out of hand. She shouldn’t have used the “n” word. But should she be crucified for it? Do the Chinese really care? I don’t think so.

  5. These are great shots! I told you that I was NOT going to take a camera to China, but yesterday I broke down and got one. Hope to capture some great shots myself. Thanks again for the care package!

    1. Yep.
      I was so excited to capture shots of that fountain. We were on one of those group “slow ride” tours where we peddled around the squares and when we got to the theater at the end, I had to rush back on foot to get there before the sun set. Savannah is one of those places I could go again and again. I’ve never eaten at any of Paula Deen’s restaurants. Standing in line to get southern food? Seriously. I can get that at home! HA!

        1. Aww, Sharron, that’s the nicest thing. You know it was Anabella who made them extra delicious! I have not seen ANY green tomatoes in the market here and I was really wanting to make them when I got home.

  6. By letting Paula Deen go, they’re displaying blatant discrimination against butter. That’s right…they are committing butterism. And I, for one, am churning mad about it!

    1. Butterism is one of the lesser known isms. You should write to your representative and make your voice heard. You may also want to research any lobbying groups sensitive to your cause. They may have some other ways to “grease” the system to get your concerns addressed. Best of luck to you.

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