Post Cards From Crazy Town


I haven’t left the planet. I’ve been trying to complete two weeks worth of assignments for class because I will be traveling coast to coast next week. No, not for a book tour. No, not for Honie’s Cavalcade of Comedy Show. No, not for a job interview.  No, I’m not running away to join the circus. I have been crazy busy volunteering and studying. There are a ton of photos I’d like to share. That digital camera, snapping thousands of shots I can’t possibly sort through in one sitting is out of control. I need a breather.


I know, it seems irresponsible to travel during summer session with all of that work crammed into just a few short weeks and yes, I know you’ve all been waiting for the launch date of my next book, but a spree in D.C. and some fun in the California sun were pre-planned. Plus, free R & R is too good to pass up. I’ll surely pay for it later.




Last night we attended the annual United Way donor appreciation night at the Dallas Arboretum. The turn out was less than last year. I suspect it had something to do with the construction nightmare on LBJ. The odor of diesel fuel permeated the air even with the recycle air on. If Lady Bird Johnson knew their name was associated with such an ecological cluster rage inducing goat rope, she’d roll over in her grave.


When I return I’ll be ready to hit the books. Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

Yours Virtually,






1-DSC_0133 1-DSC_0152

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