Keeping Secrets

copyright - Janet Webb
copyright – Janet Webb

They couldn’t afford it. Not with medical bills piling up and Charles needing constant care. Still, how could they let one child’s needs be ignored? It wasn’t her fault. She shouldn’t have to miss out on life’s happy moments. Keeping the surprise hidden until after dinner would take some effort.

The fire escape was off-limits since the accident. Charles had loved to dangle her dolls over the edge. Her heart pounded. Betsy’s leg detached. Charles cackled. Fury flashed as the doll dropped. Panic attacked as Charles silently followed.

Yes, the fire escape was the perfect place for keeping secrets.


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45 thoughts on “Keeping Secrets

  1. Hiya Honie …. for some reason I haven’t been getting emails of your posts!! Shock Horror!
    I’ll be checking on why so that my inbox will have Honie bobbing around in it every few days once again.

    1. an addiction perhaps. substance, sex, shoes – the possibilities are endless – will she process her guilt or repress it? does she confess? make it up to Charles in the afterlife? makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

    1. there are always so many terrifically gruesome, blood stained, ghoulish, and tortured tales from this group. I thought I’d take a stab at it, but guilt is about as tortured as I get.

    1. That shot was on the way home from Fredericksburg. It was so funny. They were all on the ground and when I stepped to the fence, the one stood up as if to say, “What are you looking at?”

    1. I wonder if she was too guilt ridden to wear that dress or if she had already made a habit of taking advantage of her generous, yet oblivious, parents. Guilt enough to go around.

    1. 100 words is such a challenge. I try to write the first thing that comes to mind when I see the prompt and then work backward to meet the word limit. Thanks, Allan.

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