Where’s The Fondue Meltdown


A where’s the fondue meltdown is like a WTF mashup only with the ooey gooey goodness that’s meant to be shared with friends over drinks, say, on karaoke night.

Come on! You know the words. 

Now, let’s get this party started with some good news! I just got an email from my favorite scam scum that a $2500 same day deposit is approved. What am I gonna do now?

Go to Disney World? I don’t think so!!!

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credit - Google Images
credit – Google Images

Fast food chain proprietors don’t have to align their beliefs with mine. Celebrities who behave badly can still be entertaining. Even politicians vying for Asshat of the Year don’t matter to me. But dammit I draw the line at televangelists who can’t stifle their ludicrous, knuckle dragging, mind-blowingly backward, absurdly Akinesque remarks long enough to give a divinely inspired piece of advice on national television.


Seriously, Where’s The Fondue?

Here’s some advice: Dump the rat bastard, sister!!!! 

This AP report by Jake Pearson states New Yorkers are furious over photos taken through apartment windows now for sale in a Manhattan gallery.

Related Content: Texas suburbanite shocked by photo taken when her right hand didn’t know what her left hand was doing threatens to sue herself for pain and suffering.

Pick It & Flick It
Pick It & Flick It

Real Life Gallery’s GET A GRIP exhibit coordinator says caption was “foolish mistake.”

Excuse me, where's the fondue?
Excuse me, where’s the fondue?

It seems no matter which side of the table you’re seated there is FONDUE O’ PLENTY.

13 thoughts on “Where’s The Fondue Meltdown

    1. HA! Twenty years from now when Psy and Tiesto are spinning Al Gore rhythms at Madonna’s First United House of Hip replacement? Yeah, these are the good old days. What a wacky world we live in when the American Broadcast Company, Internal Revenue Service, and the 700 Club are hanging out together on the third rail.

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