Caution: Contents May Shift During Mood Swings


Many bloggers do a great job sharing the whys and wherefores (explanations) of their choice of content for their blogs. They tell readers right up front their reasons for blogging. So, we know where their head is at. They’re consistent. They share their comic genius, photographic masterpieces, or prowess for discovering inspirational videos. Some like to do a little rant now and then just to shake things up a bit. They knock our socks off and then kick back while the comments roll in. They don’t come at us from out of left field without providing a reason for the departure from the agreed upon format.


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not one of those kind of bloggers. Some days this is a photo blog. Some days it’s a test balloon for my writing. Some days a lead balloon, one mood swing away from a slam poetry rampage.

“What exactly was going on over there at today?” My loyal follower says to the woman slumped over the keyboard with her hair wrapped in a towel, because rather than take fifteen minutes to dry her hair so it doesn’t look like a meth head squirrel has styled it, she’s got to figure out if everyone in the blogosphere is pissed off at her or if she’s just bored them all to death. (this scenario happens frequently)

LouAnn, who I tried, unsuccessfully, to call HomeFab because the name of her blog is onthehomefrontandbeyond, inspired this post. So, you can thank her for this little detour into the fascinating world of personality typing. More specifically, my personality type.

I am wysiwyg, which means, what you see is what you get. I put myself out there and sometimes it seems I’m waaaay out there. I know this. It’s a curse some boll weevil high priestess put on my ancestors in 1483. What happened next is irrelevant. Suffice to say, ever since then the women in my family have been what we like to call, a little touched.


The Myers Briggs (no relation) personality type indicator used by many companies tells me I am an ESTP – Extrovert – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving which means I am flexible and tolerant and take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results. Theories and conceptual explanations bore me – I want to act energetically (proactively) to solve problems. I focus on the here-and-now, am spontaneous, and tend to enjoy each moment that I can be active with others as well as enjoy material comforts (who doesn’t?) I learn best through doing.

In other words, I’m a pantster with an attitude and the scars to prove it.

For those interested in knowing more about the most widely used tool to create functional and productive work groups, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, check it out for yourselves. I created a personality assessment of my own in this old post. If you’re interested, and if not, maybe you’d like to take a look at my Friday Fictioners pages. Feel free to comment on my attempts at flash fiction. I’ve been using this exercise to tighten up my writing. It has helped tremendously as I work to complete my next book, Beyond Belief.

I appreciate the other Friday Fictioners for their encouraging comments. I appreciate the bloggers I follow for the endless inspiration. I LOVE my followers, all but two so far, sight unseen. That’s saying quite a lot to total strangers, but no stranger than this guy…so….


Those of you who are humans are truly amazing, hilarious, and talented people. I wouldn’t keep blogging if it weren’t for the fact that it’s cheaper than therapy comments you share with me here and on your own blogs. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know.



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45 thoughts on “Caution: Contents May Shift During Mood Swings

  1. I’m pretty new around here, but I like blogs like this, where the posts are varied and all over the spectrum. It’s interesting and you never know what will show up next. Maybe that’s because I’m like that too. But of all the blogs I follow actively, only a very few have consistent themes. Now I must say I haven’t heard the term wysiwyg in years! Feeling my age!!

  2. I love the variety that is your blog, Honie. You constantly surprise me. I love it! Today I loved the rooster and the chicken and all the VW Beetles, to say nothing of the post. That’s why I keep coming back. I’m just glad you keep writing, dear Honie.

  3. I am amused by the concept of what personality we show in our comments. Where possible, I try to leave more thotful, than mundane, comments but that’s usually more challenging and occasionally gets me into misunderstandings (a risk I live with). I have wondered what it would be like to meet some fellow bloggers and am astounded that you have met all but two of yours.

    Too bad you can’t claim some relationship to Myers Briggs, it would be amusing if nothing else. And yes I have noticed a certain lack of content consistency – it took about two posts! I suppose my ISTJ wiring is intrigued among other things.

    1. Hey Lyle,
      Your comments are thotful (see you’ve got me doing it, way to go). I can’t imagine meeting all of my followers. Especially since I have such a large bot audience. I love my (human) followers. Sight unseen, EXCEPT for TWO whom I have met. Artsifrsty, who came to Texas and Madame Weebles came to me in a dream while I was visiting NYC.
      istJ hmmm. Now I’m gonna be self-conscious.

  4. I like that I never know what’s going to be here, Honie – and it’s always interesting, even if I’m not sure what to say at times. 😉 There is nifty site that types your blog. I think it’s really close to your personal type indicator:

    1. Curious about the typealyzer, I checked it out. Seems I’m now an introvert. Must’ve happened in my sleep. I really need to stop sleep blogging. HA! Maddie, you always know what to say to give me a smile!

  5. Hi Honie. I follow your posts because they are a lovely eclectic mix. Much like my wardrobe of clothes. I get bored with writer posts that just ramble on about their highs and lows of their writing – hence they don’t get a follow from me. So I love that I don’t know what you will be blogging next. Each post is a surprise. But I must add that my all time post is – drum roll please …. ‘Wouldn’t it be bloggerly. It still dances around in my brain from time to time, especially when I am stumped about what to blog about next. Keep dancing to your own drum Honie.

  6. Always a fun time here! Honie herds a whole range of wildly bucking wonderful thoughts. Touched? By genius? If you weren’t observant and thoughtful, the things you see in the world/society wouldn’t bother you. Ignorance is bliss? Depends on perspective. Better to feel the sun, even the storms and feel the bumps in the road than be an oblivious marshmallow.
    (and as you can tell no way I could ever get it down to 140 characters…envious of those who manage…)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I like a bit of a smorgasbord when I read – and wysiwyg – perfect! I think I’m the only person in my department old enough to know what that is these days 🙂 Keep up the variety, after all it’s the spice of life.

  8. I personally feel the best blogs are those that are unpredictable and like to mix things up. I try to achieve that myself, with mixed results. I enjoy your updates because I never know what I’m going to get. And that’s a good thing!

  9. I am a panster too when I can get away with it–thank you for your definitions today–and Honie, if you want to call me Homefab I would be honoured. I do not have a specific goal for my blog either–though I am not as versatile as you are–I like to follow my whims when I post–
    I enjoy your blog–it is one of my “must reads”

  10. Your blog is a perfect mix of everything. Not knowing what each post brings ahead of time is one of the perks. Thanks so much for the pingback to my blog (or is it trackback? I never know which is which). As an INTJ, I like Honie’s ESTP style!

    1. It’s like a blogging grab bag! (or a box of chocolates)
      INTJ, huh. You’re my perfect match. Have a terrific summertime spree with your boys, Carrie. See you in the faaaaaaall. HA!

        1. Nope. Can’t limit myself to 140 characters. Plus, what am I gonna tweet? #didlaundry, #oh&readsomeblog, 3hrs later – #madeasandwhich, #itwasyummy, #omg, #wtf, #lmao, #no seriously lmao

          1. I bet you’d be a very witty tweeter. You’d be surprised what you can do in 140 characters. Plus it’s a great way to share all those bizarre things we find on the Internet!

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