We See Ourselves In Everything

Media Frog
Media Toad

It hasn’t yet become so hot that blinking makes us break a sweat. You know what that means – Day Trippin’! Last weekend I enjoyed a sunny day with My Loyal Follower.



After a delicious lunch at Spoons we cruised around the square and took in the sights.



It’s fair to say that posts on many of the blogs I follow are not to be missed and you may be certain I will be checking out your must reads, but my presence here for the next few weeks will be on a need to blog basis. Human followers know that a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.

Froggy McBookhopper
Froggy McBookhopper

Built for distance, not speed. A little wide in the axle. Just like me.1-DSC_0716 1-DSC_0713


This was on the flip side. They’ve got it all covered, the doctor is in!1-DSC_0680


Yes, the pick-up is towing the car. If you look closely, you can see the chain.


Keep an eye out for those tag jackers and compulsive likers.

1-DSC_0653I’ll see you around. 


25 thoughts on “We See Ourselves In Everything

  1. Ah, Honie your pics,which are so fantastic make me yearn for those big beautiful wide open spaces! Everything looks so fresh and clean! You are a very talented photographer. Just great! P.s. how do you put the copyright symbol on your pics?

    1. Brigitte, thanks! It was a fresh spring day. Soon it will be a big hair dryer again. So, we have to get our day tripping in while we can.
      The (c) – is a watermark added when I export from my photo library.

  2. The Andy Griffith theme song was the perfect addition to this little day trip! Loved it. …and I wouldn’t mind pulling up a chair at Spoons and having lunch with you Honie. 🙂

    1. That is so funny. They’re very popular around here. I had one with cilantro planted in it. I loved that frog and wouldn’t you know, I went out of town and when I returned it was gone!

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