Tree Treaties Treatise


Those who have read many of my posts know that there is an unceasing soundtrack in my head which often spills over into my writing. Songs that, at least in my head, are connected to the message of a post are brought to you via WP audio upgrade that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for my friend Brigitte. Thank you Brigitte.

I find most songs easily lend themselves to parody which I sometimes write just for fun. Occasionally I do attempt to write actual original poetry. Timeless themes, life, death, beauty, and nature hold universal truths expressed by great poets and pop musicians alike.  Back in February I began re-reading the works of Longfellow and as I began to polish the seemingly unending edits of my next book, it became necessary to shake loose the temptation to re-write entire passages, that are fine as they are, to make them match the current soundtrack in my head.

From time-to-time a rhythm in prose creates something similar to, but not necessarily, poetry. When this happens it is funny and at the same time oddly inspires me to convey a more full range of emotion than I originally intended. It’s hard to explain.


Participating in a flash fiction exercise to write a story using only 100 words has given me an outlet for my excess, um, lyric. This has also helped me practice trimming without completely butchering what I’ve spent so much time trying to get just right. It’s true that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. For me, limiting myself to 100 words has proved to be quite a challenge.


I wasn’t aware that April is National Poetry Writing Month, but it just so happened that this week’s Friday Fictioners challenge yielded this poem, Esprit. Check it out and please feel free to leave a comment. He Who, (honored me with his impression already) you are exempt. Thank you He Who (is as funny as he is authentic).

So, another week comes to a close. Happiness grows as gratitude flows out of the nose, dripping down onto the toes…Oh snot! I almost forgot, this post brought to you by Poetry the letter T and by Rush (the band) 


16 thoughts on “Tree Treaties Treatise

  1. Thank you Honie for mentioning my little blog and for reminding me about the 100 word challenge. I’ve been absent there lately but I think it might be time to check back in.
    btw-I started your book today; I’m already hooked! You are amazing!

    1. Red,
      Your blog is no little blog. Your style is HUGE. I find the 100 word challenge to be more difficult when I try too hard. That first stab about the coffee shop was a fluke! HA!
      p.s. I really hope you’ll share your impression of the book with me when you’re finished.

  2. Honie, I’ve always thought your prose was melodic, lyrical and thank you for mentioning me. Thank you — we’ve been following each other for a long time now. I love the light, lovely posts of yours.

    1. I remember liking how you included music to compliment your inspiring posts and I thought, I wanna do that! It helps get all those little scamps to dance all the way out of my head. I try to keep it light, but some days… 😛 GAAAAAHHHH!

      1. I guess I wasn’t expecting it and have never been good at it. Just wanted to thank you, but that came out. You are right. It’s only cute the first time.

  3. Ahhh – I am pretty dense sometimes – I see the lyrical quality of your writing and love it, I listen to the songs while I read and enjoy them – yet I did not connect the two. IMADORK – now I get it. I find it more amazing. BTW – I love that first tree image – the perspective – sweet.

    1. That image is from Borghese Park in Rome. It was across from our hotel. The trees were like sentinels. Old wise guardians of this spectacular space. Oh, and URNOTADORK. Sometimes not even I can connect what’s in my head space. HA!

      1. It’s just amazing – did you shoot it wide? I tend to see more than I hear when I write, if that makes sense. I get now that it’s the music that makes me like your style so much – lyrical, I said it but didn’t understand it.

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